Whether you are a freelancer or an established entrepreneur, you cannot succeed without effective social media marketing. But, whilst there are many social media platforms that you can utilize to promote your business, managing content and tracking user engagement across multiple platforms can be extremely challenging. 

This is where Hootsuite comes into play. With Hootsuite, you can manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously. Hootsuite lets you schedule posts and engage with customers/followers effectively. Hootsuite can also be used to manage content and gain insights into follower/user activity through its social-analytics dashboard. You can also use Hootsuite to manage your social media campaigns and optimize your advertising budgets.

If you are looking to improve your social media marketing and management, then Hootsuite has many great tools for you. However, subpar imaging tools and issues with certain integrations can make the platform tedious for many users. That being said, we have compiled an in-depth list of alternative apps that you can consider in case Hootsuite is not suitable for your needs.

The best Hootsuite alternatives are:

(We mention the hidden gems on top of our list, to give them more exposure, over the already popular ones)


Buffer is a Hootsuite alternative

Buffer provides simplified tools that can be used to measure social media performance, schedule posts and share social media content across multiple channels. Buffer can be used to boost customer engagement, and you can use it to design start pages as well. Buffer is available through an Android and an iOS app, and it can be integrated into many external platforms as well.


✔️  Unique landing-page building tools that can be used to create free microsites

✔️  Flexible mobile app for convenient content sharing and engagement tracking

✔️  Versatile collaboration tools, with in-built access management and approval functions

✔️ Handy engagement tracking tools, with in-built grid-views to track important conversations


❌ More tools could be added to budget social media ads

❌ GIFs cannot be shared on Facebook and Instagram through Buffer


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Essentials plan – $6 per month per social channel

💰 Team plan- $12 per month per social channel

💰 Agency plan- $120 per month for 10 social channels

💰 Customized pricing plans for high-volume users

Best known for

Buffer is best known for its landing-page building tools. With Buffer, you can create microsites for your products/services and add the hyperlinks for your microsites to your social media bios. You can also add links to messaging platforms, such as Whatsapp, to your website. Buffer also offers many customizable templates for your landing pages, and it lets you easily share and track links. Buffer also offers unique features that can be used to combine multiple links into a single URL.


ContentStudio is a Hootsuite alternative

ContentStudio lets you manage social media posts and execute online marketing campaigns with ease. With ContentStudio, you can discover trending content/influencers easily, and you can generate contextual insights by browsing through RSS feeds. With ContentStudio, you can easily plan and automate your social media posts, and you can manage videos and images through a media library. Contenstudio also offers ideation tools that can instantly generate social media captions from blog posts.


✔️ Unique content/influencer discovery tools that can be accessed across multiple regions

✔️ Simplified social inbox that can aggregate messages from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube

✔️ In-depth media library to store, organize and share marketing assets

✔️  Advanced automation tools with scheduling and smart suggestion functionality


❌ There are many limitations when it comes to posting content on Pinterest

❌ Many analytical features are only limited to Facebook


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Pro plan- $49 per month

💰 Small plan- $99 per month

💰 Medium plan- $199 per month

💰 Large plan- $299 per month

💰 Customized pricing plans for high-volume users

Best known for

ContentStudio is best known for its content and influencer discovery tools. With ContentStudio, you can discover trending content with keywords, topics and sources of interest. ContentStudio has an AI-powered listening engine that crawls through millions of sources to discover trending content. You can also create custom search queries by using Boolean operators. ContentStudio also generates engagement data for every social media post, and it supports multiple regions and languages. You can also use ContentStudio’s influencer search engine to locate content creators and leverage their reach to grow your business. Influencers can be located based on curated data points, and you can create influencer lists that can be easily exported. 


Eclincher is a Hootsuite alternative

Eclincher offers social media marketing tools for businesses of all sizes. With Eclincher, you can publish and schedule posts easily, and you can run social media campaigns with ease. Eclincher also has an in-depth library that can be used to manage videos and images, and it has engagement tools that can be accessed through live feeds. Eclincher also has a detailed analytics dashboard, which can be accessed through an iOS and an Android app. 


✔️ In-depth media library, that can be connected to Google Drive and Dropbox

✔️ Versatile engagement tools that let you rearrange posts within live feeds

✔️ Advanced analytics tools, with unlimited charts and reports

✔️ Streamlined scheduling features, with options to schedule posts with comprehensive visual calendars


❌ Knowledge base and support center needs to be improved

❌ Content discovery tools are lacking compared to peers


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Basic plan – $59 per month

💰 Premier plan – $119 per month

💰 Agency plan – $219 per month

💰 Customized pricing plans for high-volume users

Best known for

Eclincher is best known for its engagement tools. With Eclincher, you can view all your social media interactions in one place and engage with customers/followers through live feeds. You can also use keywords and hashtags to monitor social media trends, and you can curate new content by saving feeds. Eclincher also offers reputation management tools. 


Sendible is a Hootsuite alternative

Sendible lets you expand your social media outreach by providing an all-in-one platform that can be used to manage multiple accounts. With Sendible, you can store and manage multi-media files with ease, and you can collaborate with team members and clients as well. Sendible also has reporting features that can be used to generate and share reports easily, and it has workflow management tools as well. 


✔️ Flexible mobile app that can be used to set up push notification

✔️ Seamless Canva integration for simplified image editing and graphics design

✔️ Versatile collaboration tools that can be used to grant custom access to clients and team members

✔️ Handy social listening tools to respond to comments swiftly and monitor user engagement


❌ Bulk-upload features need to be added for images and videos

❌ API features need to be improved


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Creator plan- $29 per month

💰 Traction plan- $89 per month

💰 Scale plan- $199 per month

💰 Expansion plan- $399 per month

💰 Customized pricing plans for high-volume users

Best known for

Sendible is best-known for its collaboration tools. With Sendible, your clients and team members can easily contribute to your content library, and they can create digital marketing strategies with you. You can also assign conversations to team members with Sendible, and they can approve social media posts before they are scheduled. You can also control user access easily with Sendible.


SocialBee is a Hootsuite alternative

SocialBee provides social media management tools with affordable pricing plans. With SocialBee, you can schedule and automate social media posts, and you can design unique content as well. SocialBee also has features that can be used to recycle posts, and it has collaboration tools as well. SocialBee has an analytics dashboard, and it can be used to track custom URLs. 


✔️ Unique URL tracking features, which can be used by modifying category-based UTM settings

✔️  Handy collaboration tools, with features that can be used to build branded workspaces and post internal comments

✔️ Robust data-importing tools, that can be used to upload content through various formats 

✔️ Advanced analytics, with tools to gauge audience/activity status and top-performing posts


❌ Multilingual features need to be improved

❌ GIFs cannot be uploaded onto many social media platforms


💰 Bootstrap plan – $19 per month

💰 Accelerate plan – $39 per month

💰 Pro/Pro 25 plan – $79 per month

💰 Pro 50 plan – $149 per month

💰 Pro 100 plan – $279 per month

💰 Pro 150 plan – $379 per month

Best known for

SocialBee is best known for its data-importing tools. With SocialBee, you can import multiple files and links instantaneously, and you can upload content through CSV files. You can also import RSS feeds easily, and you can also utilize SocialBee’s seamless Quuu integration to import curated content into your campaigns. 


NapoleonCat is a Hootsuite alternative

NapoleonCat gives you the tools that you need to moderate, publish and analyze your social media posts. With NapoleonCat, you can track messages from multiple platforms through a social inbox, and you can automate customer communication. NapoleonCat also offers collaboration tools, and it can be used to generate customized performance reports. NapoleonCat can also be used to streamline customer service workflows.


✔️ Unique tools to schedule Instagram posts

✔️ In-depth reporting tools to showcase and monitor social media marketing performance

✔️ Advanced automation tools to help with lead generation, customer service, and brand awareness

✔️ Simplified calendar tools that can be used to publish content across multiple social media platforms


❌ Lack of budgeting features for ad campaigns

❌ Landing-page building tools could be added


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Standard plan- Starting from $31 per month

💰 Pro plan- Starting from $48 per month

💰 Customized pricing plans for large enterprises

Best known for

NapoleonCat is best known for its Instagram scheduling tools. With NapoleonCat, you can conveniently market your products and services on Instagram by posting content directly from your desktop. With NapoleonCat, you can set up auto-publishing schedules, and you can draft captions for each post. NapoleonCat lets you create color-coded Instagram content calendars for easy posting, and it has tools that can be used to add assignees, subscribers, and internal notes to drafts.

Hootsuite FAQs

What is the free alternative to Hootsuite?

In our opinion, the best alternative to Hootsuite is Sendible

Is there a free Hootsuite alternative?

If you are looking for a free version of Hootsuite, we recommend Viralpep. You can manage up to 3 social profiles and make 10 posts per month with its free forever plan.

Is Buffer better than Hootsuite?

When it comes to pricing and user experience, Buffer is better than Hootsuite.

What is the difference between Buffer and Hootsuite?

Buffer is cheaper than Hootsuite. In terms of features, Buffer’s landing-page building tools are better than Hootsuite’s, but Hootsuite’s advertising and promotional tools are better than Buffer’s.

What is the best Hootsuite alternative for small businesses?

For small businesses, the best Hootsuite alternative is ContentStudio.io

What are the best Hootsuite alternatives for non-profits?

For non-profits, the best Hootsuite alternatives to Hootsuite are NapoleonCat and ContentStudio.io