Many of you run B2B operations, and whilst there are many B2B database and project management tools, very few tools exist for effective prospecting and lead generation. Whilst cold-calling is common in B2B businesses, it loses its effectiveness if proper prospecting tools are not used to generate leads. 

This is why Hunter has become one of the most popular prospecting tools in the market. With Hunter, you can generate leads effectively and target professionals that matter for your business. Hunter lets you locate important email addresses through its domain search and email finder tools. You can also launch email campaigns with Hunter. 

Indeed, Hunter is a very useful tool for B2B prospecting and lead generation. However, Hunter’s email verification issues and inadequate integration options can be problematic for many users. Luckily, we have compiled a list of viable alternatives that you can use in case Hunter is not suitable for your business needs.

The best alternatives are:

(We mention the hidden gems ? on top of our list, to give them more exposure, over the already popular ones)


Lusha is a Hunter alternative

Lusha offers market-leading B2B prospecting solutions for businesses of all sizes. With Lusha, you can easily locate accurate B2B contacts and company details, with a high-level of accuracy. Lusha offers list-building tools, and it has in-built collaboration tools as well. Lusha is available through a flexible extension, and it has API tools as well for advanced users.


✔️  Advanced search-filtering tools that lets you target users based on locations and seniority levels

✔️  Versatile API tools to update systems easily with accurate leads

✔️  Flexible extension for effective targeting through social-media platforms such as Linkedin

✔️ Handy analytics tools to generate insights into credits usage and search results


❌ Email-campaign features are lacking compared to peers

❌ Product referral system needs to be improved


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Professional plan – $23 per month per user

💰 Premium plan- $35 per month per user

💰 Customised pricing plans for enterprise users

Best known for

Lusha is best known for its list-building and search-engine features. With Lusha, you can customize lead-lists and use filters to separate users based on location, industries and seniority level. With Lusha, you can select and reveal upto 1k contact details with 1 click. Searches can also be saved easily, and 5 free contacts are added to your lead-lists every month.


FintThatLead is a Hunter alternative

FindThatLead offers prospecting and lead-generation tools that you can use to acquire new customers and enrich your lead database. FindThatLead offers email-campaigning tools, and it can locate clients using filters such as company size, location, industry and keywords. FindThatLead has many integration options as well, and it is available through a convenient chrome extension.


✔️ Unique social-media tools to generate leads through platforms such as Twitter and Linkedin

✔️ Handy email verification tools to reduce bounce rates during campaigns

✔️ Versatile campaigning tools, with options to build targeted marketing automation

✔️  In-depth tools to create localized lead-lists for small businesses 


❌ Unused credits do not get rolled over into the next month

❌ Lead accuracy is low compared to many established


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Growth plan- $49 per month

💰 Startup plan- $150 per month

💰 Suite plan- $399 per month

💰 Customised pricing plans for high-volume users

Best known for

FindThatLead is best known for its social-media features. FindThatLead can crawl through social-media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram to obtain email-ids and profiles of high-value leads. FindThatLead’s social media features can be easily accessed through its browser-extension, and you can easily import and export social media profiles through the extension as well. is a Hunter alternative

We have covered on our platform before as an alternative to Yesware, but it is a great substitute for as well. Whilst is primarily a CRM platform, it can be used for prospecting and lead-generation as well. can also be used to launch email campaigns and discover the technology stacks that your prospects may be using. 


✔️ Unique tracking tools that can determine the technology stacks being used by a prospect

✔️ Advanced CRM functionality that is available for all pricing plans 

✔️ Handy email verification tools, that can be built directly into your platform through APIs

✔️ Versatile campaigning tools that can be used to set-up conversion pipelines


❌ More social-media tracking features could be added

❌ Navigation features need to be improved on the user interface


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 S plan – $39 per month

💰 M plan – $99 per month

💰 L plan – $189 per month

💰 XL plan – $369 per month

💰 XXL plan – $738 per month

💰 Customised pricing plans for users looking for full-scale prospecting and outreach services

Best known for is best known for its technology tracker. With, you can get in-depth information on the technology tools that your prospects are using. lets you tailor your pitches and email campaigns based on the SaaS tools that are being used by your prospective clients is a Hunter alternative offers prospecting and client-engagement tools that can be used to maintain lead databases and generate research reports. also offers analytics tools to measure sales engagement, and it has API features for advanced users as well. With, you can maintain the integrity and the accuracy of your database through enrichment tools and job-change alerts.


✔️ Versatile enrichment tools that can be used to prevent data decay

✔️ High-end analytics features that can be used to measure sales engagement

✔️ Advanced API features that can be used to build custom workflows

✔️ Robust AI-driven prospecting tools which can create prospect lists based on persona-driven algorithms


❌ Click-tracking features could be improved

❌ Many CRM functions are only accessible through Salesforce integration


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Basic plan- $49 per user per month

💰 Professional plan- $99 per user per month

💰 Customised pricing plans for high-volume users

Best known for is best known for its data-enrichment functions. With, you can obtain a complete prospect profile with relevant information that can be used to target new clients. Data can als be corrected, amended and upended easily through can also be used to set-up job change alerts whenever a prospect has changed his/her job profile. also has 200+ firmographic and demographic fields that can be used for scoring, routing and research. is a Hunter alternative provides prospecting and marketing tools that are designed for sales funnels.Through, you can generate highly-accurate phone numbers and email-ids, and you can target and customize user information with account insights. You can also use’s API for real-time enrichment, and databases are updated every week for client information. is also available through a Chrome plugin. 


✔️ Versatile search features, with more than 25 filters for effective prospecting

✔️  Advanced API tools to provide critical data points for lead prioritization

✔️ Accurate prospecting database that goes through 2 million updates per week

✔️ Flexible chrome plugin that can route quality prospects into multiple CRM platforms


❌ Knowledge base and help center needs to be improved

❌ Lack of email-campaigning features compared to peers


💰 Pricing plans are not readily available on the website, please contact customer care for more information

Best known for is best known for its up-to-date database. provides lead information that is highly accurate and deliverable. updates its database 2 million times per week, and up-to-date data can be automatically filled into any CRM or target website through its API.


Seamless.AI is a Hunter alternative

Seamless.AI provides prospecting and data-verification tools that can crawl through various websites to generate accurate leads. Seamless.AI makes it easy to build B2B account lists, and it can even find emails and direct dials from social media platforms. Seamless.AI also lets you set preferences for lead recommendations, and it generates real-time, in-depth insights into all your prospects to streamline your sales processes. 


✔️ Advanced AI-driven tools for real-time data verification

✔️ Flexible chrome extension to find emails and direct-dials from any social media profile

✔️ Robust data-transfer tools that can easily import contact and account data into CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot
✔️ In-depth pitch-intelligence tools to generate customized insights into every lead


❌ Basic plans are more expensive than Pro plans

❌ Features to save searches are missing


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Basic plan- $147 per user per month

💰 Pro plan- $99 per user month💰 Customised pricing plans large enterprises

Best known for

Seamless.AI is best known for its lead-generation algorithms. Seamless.AI’s 10 step algorithm can research and verify emails and direct dials in real-time. Seamless.AI’s algorithms can generate lead recommendations based on your customized criteria. Seamless.AI’s algorithms completely eliminate the need for manual data entry

Hunter FAQs

What is the best alternative to Hunter IO?

In our opinion, the best alternative to Hunter IO is either Lusha or Apollo IO

Is it safe to use Hunter IO?

Hunter IO is perfectly safe to use, as it only distributes information and data that is publicly available. Private data is never disclosed on Hunter IO, and data subjects have complete control over their ideas. Website owners also have complete control over how Hunter IO indexes their pages.

What is Hunter IO used for? 

Hunter IO is used for prospecting and lead management. 

How many free searches are available on Hunter IO?

Hunter IO has a free trial plan that lets you perform 25 free monthly searches and 50 free monthly verification.

Is Hunter IO legit?

Yes, Hunter IO is perfectly legitimate and completely legal.