The advent of streaming sites, such as Youtube, and video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, have increased the popularity of videos as information sharing tools. Freelancers and businesses can add a personal touch to their messages and content by sharing them through videos. But, whilst the demand for video sharing and content creation tools is high, platforms such as Youtube are not well-equipped enough to cater to the needs of startups and online businesses.

This is where Vimeo comes into play. Vimeo provides an all-in-one video platform to host, make, manage, and share business-friendly video content. Vimeo also has live-streaming features that can be used to host virtual events, and it can be for employee communication and video monetization. Vimeo also has a vast template and stock footage library, and you can hire a professional production team through Vimeo to create content for you.

Indeed, Vimeo is widely used to host, share and create videos.   However, frequent uploading and user-interface issues may make the platform unsuitable for your business needs. However, there are many alternatives to video-management platforms that you can consider, in case Vimeo does not meet your requirements. 

The best Vimeo alternatives are:

(We mention the hidden gems on top of our list, to give them more exposure, over the already popular ones)


Vidyard is a Vimeo alternative

Vidyard offers video recording and sharing tools that are suitable for lead generation and prospecting. Vidyard offers hosting solutions, and it has analytics that can be used to track videos and view performance metrics. You can also schedule follow-ups easily with Vidyard, and you can optimize your videos as per your requirements as well. Vidyard integrates easily with many external platforms, and it has a detailed video-creation suite as well.


✔️  Advanced analytics that can be used to track video engagement

✔️  Flexible uploader widget through which videos can be added directly into libraries through links

✔️  Versatile optimization functions, with inbuilt SEO functionality and automated transcription tools

✔️ Handy video-preview features, that let you create 3-second GIF previews that can be easily embedded into emails


❌ Stock-video library needs to be improved

❌ Videos cannot be shared on Instagram


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Pro plan – $15 per month

💰 Teams plan- $300 per month 

💰 Business plan- $1250 per month 

💰 Customised pricing plans for enterprise users

Best known for

Vidyard is best-known for its analytics. With Vidyard, you can track video engagement and turn views into results. Vidyard has a streamlined analytics dashboard that can be used to view conversion data and all the key metrics that are driving views. Vidyard also lets you push video data into leading CRM and marketing automation platforms like Salesforce, Marketo and HubSpot. Vidyards analytics also lets you qualify, segment and score your leads. 


Wistia is a Vimeo alternative

Wistia’s hosting platform offers recording, hosting, and collaboration tools through its web-based and mobile platforms. Wistia offers fully-customizable video players and lead-generation tools, and it can be used to build channels as well. Wistia also has interactive video management tools, and it can be used for podcasting as well, and it has an analytics dashboard that can be used to track, reach and target customers. Wistia also has SEO tools that can be used to drive traffic to your website.


✔️ Handy interaction tools, that can be used to add CTAs and annotation links into videos

✔️ Versatile collaboration tools, that can be used to add feedback tabs and review sections into videos

✔️ Advanced embedding tools, which can be used to display inline/popover channels, or responsive/fixed videos

✔️  Unique podcasting tools, with options to add transcripts with rich text into audio and video podcasts


❌ Functionality needs to be improved for Soapbox videos

❌ Mobile features need to be improved


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Pro plan- $99 per month

💰 Customised pricing plans for advanced users

Best known for

Wistia is best known for its SEO tools. Wistia automatically injects mark-up (via JSON-LD) onto your webpages page, which makes it easy for Google to read and index your videos. Wistia embeds direct traffic to your website, and it includes JSON-LD mark-ups into video transcripts to provide extra context for Google through relevant keywords. Wistia also provides SEO services that can be used to create SEO-friendly channels with only client-side Javascript.


Uscreen is a Vimeo alternative

Uscreen specialized in building mobile and TV apps through which you can live-stream and share videos. With Uscreen, you can easily monetize your videos and connect with your audience using community features. Uscreen lets you build marketing funnels, and it can be used to create customizable video players. Upscreen also has a CMS dashboard that can be used to upload, organize and distribute video content with ease.


✔️ Versatile engagement tools that can be used to connect with audience members

✔️ Robust full-HD live streaming platform with in-built monetization options

✔️ Turn-key monetization features that let you build your own affiliate program

✔️ Advanced marketing tools that can be used to generate and convert leads through marketing funnels


❌ Video library for stock content needs to be improved

❌ Video production services are lacking compared to peers


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Basic plan – $99 per month

💰 Growth plan – $199 per month

💰 Customised pricing plans for uscreenplus users

Best known for

Uscreen is best known for its marketing features. With Uscreen, you can use marketing and community features to expand your reach and track your success, using built-in sales and analytics reports. Uscreen lets you build and convert leads through marketing funnels, and it can be used to easily launch sales and product pages. Uscreen also lets you retain customers and reduce churn through features such as abandoned cart automation and win-back flows. Uscreen also integrates seamlessly with leading email marketing, platform subscription and website analytics apps.


Brightcove is a Vimeo alternative

Brightcove provides an online video platform that can be used to monetize content, engage with audiences and host virtual events. Brightcove offers in-depth analytics that can be used to measure audience engagement, and it has live-streaming features as well. Brightcove has a robust content management system (CMS), and it has powerful video-encoding tools as well. Brightcove can also be used to host secure virtual events, and it offers APIs and SDKs for advanced users.


✔️ Versatile streaming features that let you add Q&As and interactive elements to simulated live events

✔️ Handy analytics dashboard that can be used to segment audience members and view acquisition metrics

✔️ Robust CMS that lets you schedule videos and create playlists

✔️ Speedy encoding tools that can create high-quality video outputs


❌ Knowledge base and support center needs to be improved

❌ Video-editing tools need to be improved


💰 Pricing plans are not readily available on the website. Please contact customer care for more information.

Best known for

Brightcove is best known for its CMS. Brightcove’s CMS lets you easily save, sort and organize video clips and episodes. Videos can be labeled with custom metadata, and they can be organized into user-friendly playlists. With Brightcove, you can also control video schedules and restrict access to videos by geography or IP address. Brightcove users can also publish videos easily using embed codes, and they can maintain user access controls through Brightcove’s CMS as well. Brightcove’s CMS is accessible through PCs, tablets and mobile devices, and you can integrate it into external apps using Brightcove’s API.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a Vimeo alternative

Hippo Video offers video recording, messaging and hosting tools with affordable pricing plans. With Hippo Video, you can easily create personalized sales pages and templates for your videos. Hippo Video lets you share and edit videos with ease, and it has analytics to gain user insights. Hippo Video also lets you build customizable video players, and it can be used to create personalized sales pages. Hippo Video also has in-depth video editing tools.


✔️ Advanced editing tools that can be used to trim/crop videos, add green screens and insert text into videos

✔️  Versatile sales and marketing tools that can be used to create video campaigns and sales pages

✔️ Fully customizable video player that can be used to match your branding 

✔️ Robust annotation tools that can be used to add text and or hyperlinks to videos


❌ Streaming and live-event features are lacking compared to peers

❌ Lack of mobile features compared to peers


💰 Starter plan – $19 (sales)/$29 (marketing)/$14 (support)/$6 (team communication) per month 

💰 Pro plan – $40 (sales)/ $59 (marketing)/ $39 (support)/ $25 (team communication) per user per month

💰 Growth plan – $65 (sales)/ $109 (marketing)/ $59 (support) / $40 (team communication) per user per month

💰 Enterprise plan – $99 (sales) per user per month

💰 Customised plans for users looking for add-ons

Best known for

Hippo Video is best known for its sales and marketing tools. With Hippo Video, you can create personalized sales pages and interactive CTAs that are brand-friendly. Hippo Video also lets you create account-based marketing campaigns, and it can be used to easily generate testimonials. Hippo Video’s email campaign features can increase your open and click-through rates by 3X. Hippo Video also has many actionable sales-training modules.


Castr is a Vimeo alternative

Castr offers a video hosting, monetizing and scheduling toolkit that can be used to create 4K quality streams. With Castr, you can monetize your videos and launch OTT apps. Castr also has in-depth analytics, and you can stream videos on Castr through embeddable HTML5 players. Castr also has advanced privacy controls, and it can be used to encode video into different formats. Castr also lets you customize your videos to make them brand-friendly.


✔️ Advanced streaming features that can be used for CDN, SRT and pay-per-view streaming

✔️ Versatile OTT app-development features through which videos can be streamed and monetized easily

✔️ Flexible tools to embed HTML5 players into any website or platform 

✔️ Seamless video-encoding tools that can be used to add password protection to your videos


❌ Sales and marketing tools could be improved

❌ Chat overlay features need to be improved


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 All in One-Entry plan- $50 per month

💰 All in One-Plus plan- $100 per month

💰 All in One-Premium plan- $150 per month

💰 All in One-Business plan- $320 per month

💰 All in One-Enterprise plan- $620 per month

💰 Multistream Plus plan- $12.5 per month

💰 Multistream Premium plan- $33.5 per month

💰 Multistream Business plan- $92 per month

💰 Customised pricing plans for large enterprises

Best known for

Castr is best known for its OTT services. With Castr, you can launch white-labeled OTT apps without any coding knowledge. Castr’s OTT apps make streaming, hosting and the monetization of video content easy. With Castr, you can develop apps within 24 hours, and release them within 7 days. Castr’s apps can support cross-platform, low-latency and adaptive streaming on both website and OTT app destinations. Castr also lets you enable video monetization and in-app purchasing through its OTT app, and it makes it easy to update and manage content.

Vimeo FAQs

What is the best alternative to Vimeo?

In our opinion, the best alternative to Vimeo is Vidyard.

Is Vimeo or Youtube better?

Vimeo and Youtube are not as similar as they seem to be. Youtube primarily focuses on video-sharing, and it is similar to a social media platform, whilst Vimeo is primarily a SaaS provider that focuses on delivering enterprise-grade video creation, editing and broadcasting software to businesses and professional content creators, hence it is not accurate to compare Vimeo to Youtube.

Is there a free option for Vimeo?

Many of the functions that can be performed on Vimeo can also be performed using lifetime-free software packages and platforms. For example, you can host videos for free on Youtube and you can live stream through OBS studio. That being said, free video streaming, hosting and editing options usually come with many drawbacks, e.g. many lifetime free video editors will overlay their watermarks onto your video content, and platforms such as OBS studio are not very user-friendly. Thus, free alternatives to Vimeo are not suitable options for business and professional users.

What is cheaper than Vimeo? is cheaper than Vimeo