We saw a need to mention Zendesk alternatives that are mores suitable for the needs of small and medium business. In the previous Zendesk article we mentioned help desk platforms that offered free trial.

In this article we highlight platforms that are ideal for established businesses and the onboarding can be done only via a Demo.

The Best Zendesk alternatives for SMBs are:

(We mention the hidden gems ? on top of our list, to give them more exposure, over the already popular ones)


Founded by 3 former Google employees, this high tech start up uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate workplace service and information requests. Atspoke offers IT, HR, Sales and Enterprise solutions for small businesses. It is also fully compatible with Slack and offers 100+ integrations.


✔️ Auto resolution of 40% of all requests using AI.

✔️ Provides advanced analytics for workplace trends and automation

✔️ Robust case management features for HR teams

✔️ Convenient conversational ticketing features


❌ Limited campaign and conversion features

❌ Knowledge base features are limited compared to peers


? $4 for the standard plan

? $6 for the plus plan

? Customised pricing is also available for enterprise plans

Best known for

AtSpoke specialises in AI and machine learning. Due to this, 40-50% of all tickets get resolved without any manual intervention. Additionally, machine learning features will help improve automated ticket resolution rates even further over time.

Our Rating – 4.6/5


One of the newer names in the help desk area, Richpanel offers a versatile customer service platform for small businesses. Primarily designed for e-commerce teams, Richpanel is a Zendesk alternative that offers helpdesk, ticketing, and self-service features through a convenient and easy to use platform.


✔️ AI driven self-service to reduce agent-handled interactions

✔️ Multiple communication and data channels combined into one platform

✔️ Robust tools to monitor and manage team performance

✔️ Customer conversion tools that help boost sales


❌ Lack of integration options

❌ Lack of enterprise and admin features


? $100/month starter plan

? $300/month regular plan

? $750/month pro plan

? Custom pricing is also available for enterprise solutions

Best known for

Richpanel is geared towards e-commerce platforms; hence it has a streamlined and easy to use dashboard. This reduces the need to switch between different tabs and platforms to carry out routine tasks.

Our Rating – 4.6/5


Falling under the umbrella of Freshworks, Freshdesk is one of the more established business solutions providers in the customer support space. Along with ticketing, their platform also provides security and automation features for their clients. With a truly global reach, Freshdesk is only second to Zendesk.


✔️ Streamlined ticket management and self-service features

✔️ Gamification and automated reporting to help with teamwork and collaboration

✔️ Ample options for customization or branding

✔️ Unification of all communication channels into one platform through Omnichannel


❌ Lack of customisation for dashboard

❌ Prices can be hefty for teams with a considerable number of agents


? Blossom plan ($19/month/agent)

? Garden plan ($45/agent/month)

? Estate plan ($69/agent/month)

? Forest Plan ($125/agent/month)

? Omnichannel Estate plan ($99/agent/month)

? Omnichannel Forest plan ($169/agent/month)

Best known for

Freshdesk is best known for its Omnichannel features, which combine multiple communication channels into a single platform. Also, because it comes under the Freshworks umbrella, clients can integrate other Freshworks’ products into Freshdesk without any hassle.

Our Rating – 4.5/5


Focussing mainly on local businesses, Podium provides communication tools and enterprise solutions that are geared towards customer interaction. Along with reviews and payments, Podium is a Zendesk competitor that is rapidly expanding as a complete customer support solution with its lead generation and collaboration features.


✔️ Multiple communication and feedback channels combined into a streamlined dashboard

✔️ Advanced features to generate reviews across multiple forums and websites

✔️ Responsive and interactive feedback features

✔️ Effective lead generation features


❌ Lack of administrative features

❌ Lack of integration options with other platforms


? Customised pricing plans based on customer requirements, no set pricing plan.

Best known for

Podium, as a platform, is focussed on improving the way businesses network with their customers, and that’s where their features excel. Whether it’s the all-in-one communication feature, or robust lead generation and feedback, interacting with customers becomes easy with this help desk software.

Our Rating – 4.4/5


Another formidable help desk solutions provider with many large multinational clients, HappyFox offers ticketing and help desk solutions for businesses of all sizes. Along with customer support, HappyFox also offers many enterprise features related to asset management, task management, automation, and HR.


✔️ Multiple integration options into different platforms, including Slack

✔️ Multi-channel ticketing with automation features

✔️ Detailed agent activity reporting features to boost performance

✔️ Advance features to track and manage hardware and software assets


❌ Lack of knowledge base features

❌ Rule based system makes automation rigid


? Customised monthly plans, starting from $24/agent/month

? Unlimited agent plans start from $1049/month

Best known for

HappyFox is a comprehensive business solutions provider, with products for customer support, IT support, HR, and facilities management. What makes Happyfox a great alternative to Zendesk is its ticketing system, with features such as bulk replies and canned actions, that can smoothen the process of ticket management effectively.

Our Rating – 4.5/5


Gladly is different from other help desk solutions. Instead of solely focussing on efficiency through ticket management, Gladly aims to make customer support a personal affair between clients and agents. Along with multiple communication channels, the platform also offers features that help with workforce and task management.


✔️ Multiple integration options

✔️ Multiple communication channels streamlined into one platform

✔️ Workforce management features that are powered with customer-centric data

✔️ Easier collaboration through features that bring together cross functional teams


❌ Lack of automation features

❌ Very basic enterprise features


? Free trial plan available

? $38/month/user for task based users

? $150/month/user for customer facing user

Best known for

Gladly has positioned itself as a very customer-centric help desk software. Interactions between agents and clients become highly personalized through its messaging features, and automated responses are not used widely. For service and customer centric businesses, such as hotels, spas and luxury brands, this help desk solution can be a huge asset.

Our Rating – 4.4/5


This Danish start up aims to differentiate itself from other customer support softwares through ‘conversational customer engagement’. Dixa provides communication, team management and reporting tools that are customer centric, with an emphasis on the European market.


✔️ Customized integration options available

✔️ Multiple communication channels available on one platform

✔️ Automated workflows to prioritize and route all incoming queries

✔️ Streamlined dashboard that is easy to use


❌ Lack of enterprise features for HR or admin teams

❌ High pricing compared to peers with similar products and services


? Professional plan (99/agent/month)

? Premium plan ($139/agent/month)

? Platinum plan ($179/agent/month)

Best known for

Dixa is known for features that are built for high customer engagement, which help improve agent efficiency and effectiveness. This platform can be very useful for businesses such as luxury brand and hotels, which are very customer-centric.

Our Rating – 4.5/5


Talkative is a website driven help desk platform. It embeds features such as live chat, voice and video calls into the online platforms of their clients, that helps integrate their clients’ help desk platform and contact centres.


✔️ Easily configurable and customizable features

✔️ Customised integration options

✔️ In-depth platform reporting and analytics features

✔️ On-site training and developer assistance offered to clients


❌ Lack of enterprise features for HR or admin teams

❌ Limited automation features


? Basic business plan (($248/month)

? Enterprise and Salesforce plans have customised pricing.

Best known for

Talkative specializes in providing help desk infrastructure for online businesses. Talkative is also well known for its customer care, and they provide on-site training and SLA support to all their enterprise clients.

Our Rating – 4.4/5

The best Zendesk alternative

The companies mentioned above have proven to be really reliable for SMBs specifically. If you can think of any other software that should be included in the list, let us know about them in comments.