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It’s a well-known fact that SEO is essential for online success, and content without relevant keywords cannot rank well on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). But adding keywords into written content can be a daunting task, and improper keyword incorporation can even hurt your website rankings. 

This is where tools such as Frase can really make a difference. With Frase, you can generate optimized content that is SEO-friendly. You can use Frase’s AI-powered writing assistant to generate content briefs and high-quality copies. Frase can also optimize your content by comparing it to your search competitors, and you can utilize Frase’s analytics features to generate actionable insights that are relevant to your content.

Frase is undoubtedly a very popular tool that blends content creation with SEO. But UI bugs and issues with the platform’s steep learning curve can create difficulties for many Frase users. Luckily, we have a list of alternative apps that can be considered if Frase is not suitable for your needs.

The best Frase alternatives are:

(We mention the hidden gems ? on top of our list, to give them more exposure, over the already popular ones)


Topic is a Frase alternative

Topic offers optimization and tools that can be used to generate SEO-friendly content. With Topic, users can easily build outlines for their content and streamline it before it is published. Topic also has tools that can be used to generate content-ideas and tables, and it can guide users towards optimizing their word-counts. Topic is available in 5 languages, and it can be accessed through a WordPress and a Google Docs plugin as well.


✔️ Flexible pricing plans, with options to roll-over unused credits into the next month

✔️ Simplified content-grader features to optimize drafts and generate feedback on topical gaps

✔️ Unique blog-idea and content-table generator tools

✔️ Handy word-count features to improve SEO-friendliness of articles


❌ URL-importing features need to be improved

❌ More features should be added to manage content inventory


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Starter plan- $99 per month

💰 Plus plan- $199 per month

💰 Premium plan- $299 per month

💰 Customized pricing plans for enterprise users

Best known for

Topic is best known for its idea-generator tools. Topic’s algorithms analyze top-performing content on Google, and by feeding that data into a GPT-3 model, they can generate blog and content ideas that are audience-driven. Topic also offers tools to create content tables that can be embedded into blog-posts to boost SEO-friendliness.


MarketMuse is a Frase alternative

MarketMuse offers AI-driven keyword research and content writing tools that can measure content quality based on SEO-friendliness. MarketMuse has unique features that can audit content based on authority and keyword ROI, and it can generate content briefs. MarketMuse also has features that can be used to generate content briefs, and it has a versatile text-editor that can be used to generate real-time content feedback.


✔️ Reliable auditing and inventory tools to organize content and make it easily-accessible

✔️ Handy AI-enabled modeling features that can be used to generate content briefs

✔️ Versatile text-editor that tracks content progress and compares content with top competitors

✔️  Robust collaboration tools through which team-members can add notes, set due-dates and track publications


❌ Monthly pricing plans are not available

❌ SERP data can only be analyzed for a few select countries


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Standard plan- $7200 per year

💰 Premium plan- $12000 per year

💰 Customized pricing plans for enterprise users

Best known for

MarketMuse is best known for its content-auditing tools. With MarketMuse, you can organize your content and measure authority, user-intent and keyword ranking-difficulty. MarketMuse also offers stackable filters to identify SEO-friendly content opportunities. MarketMuse can also rank keywords and topics based on ROI, and inventory data is updated automatically to avoid manual site-crawls.


Surfer is a Frase alternative

Surfer provides optimization tools that can be used to improve SERP rankings and build SEO-friendly article outlines. Surfer also offers collaboration tools for teams, and it is available in multiple languages. Surfer also has auditing features, and it can also be used to add backlinks to the content. Surfer also integrates easily with many external platforms, and it offers many valuable courses and guides for SEO novices. Surfer also has many free SEO tools that can be accessed through Chrome extensions.


✔️ Handy outline generation tools, with in-built NLP-based algorithms

✔️ Streamlined content editor that can grade content based on keyword rankings

✔️ In-depth auditing tools to find SEO errors and repurpose old content

✔️ Versatile SERP-analyzer to obtain location-based competitor data


❌ Content audits have monthly limits

❌ Writing assistant needs to be improved


💰 Basic plan- $59 per month

💰 Pro plan- $119 per month

💰 Business plan- $239 per month

💰 Customized pricing plans for large enterprises

Best known for

Surfer is best known for its content editor. Surfer’s content editor generates content guidelines that are driven by keyword prominence. Surfer’s content editor also has scoring tools for instant feedback, and it can provide multi-keyword analysis to improve organic traffic. Surfer’s content editor is available through an extension that can be easily integrated into WordPress and Google Docs.


Postpace is a Frase alternative

Postpace offers AI-powered keyword-research and SEO tools with affordable pricing plans. Through Postpace, you can create content briefs and topic reports. Postpace also has many tools to help with content planning and auditing. Postpace also has an in-built content editor, and it has collaboration tools to enable content sharing.


✔️ Versatile content brief editor with in-built keyword suggestion features

✔️ In-depth auditing tools to identify trends and improve Google rankings

✔️ Advanced content planning tools to organize and centralize content workflows

✔️ Flexible tools to generate topic reports through keywords


❌ Monthly limits on topic reports and content outlines can be problematic

❌ Content optimizer tends to lag frequently


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Basic plan- $17 per month

💰 Growth plan- $27 per month

💰 Business plan- $57 per months

💰 Customized pricing plans for users looking for add-ons

Best known for

Postpace is best known for its content planning tools. With Postpace, you can organize content workflows and schedule projects easily through Postpace’s content calendar. You can also set-up workspaces and collaborate with team-members on projects. Postpace eliminates the need for back-and-forth multi-channel communication, and it can be used to speed-up approval flows and revisions.


Dashword is a Frase alternative

Dashword offers flexible tools you can use to create content briefs that are optimized and SEO-friendly. Dashword offers convenient content-sharing tools, and it has tools that can be used to generate real-time content scores. Dashboard also has many tracking tools, and you can use it to generate meta description ideas. Dashword can also be added into Google Docs with a convenient plug-in.


✔️ Interactive content brief editor which you can use to compare your SEO performance with your competitors

✔️  Easy-to-use content optimization tools, with features that generate real-time content scores

✔️ Handy tools to generate meta-description tags for blogs and articles

✔️ In-depth NLP reporting tools to gain a better understanding of keyword search intent and context


❌ Knowledge base and support center needs to be improved

❌ Lack of auditing and content-inventory management features compared to peers


💰 Free trial plan available 

💰 Hobby plan- $39 per month

💰 Startup plan- $99 per month

💰 Business plan- $249 per month

💰 Customized pricing plans for enterprise users

Best known for

Dashword is best known for its content-optimization tools. Dashword generates optimized keywords and FAQ-ideas to make your content SEO-friendly. Dashword also offers real-time scoring and quality-assurance tools that can be used to boost your Google rankings. With Dashword, you can also compare your content’s SERP ranking to the SERP rankings of your top competitors. 

Content Harmony

Content Harmony is a Frase alternative

With Content Harmony, you can use AI-driven topic models to build SEO-friendly content briefs. Content Harmony also has tools that you can use to optimize content and generate keyword reports. Content Harmony also lets you analyze your competitors’ content and keyword search-intent. Reports and briefs can also be shared easily with Content Harmony, and it offers free onboarding, training and migrations.


✔️ No monthly limits on users or projects

✔️ Advanced topic modeling algorithms that are built using IBM’s keyword extraction API

✔️ In-depth keyword reporting tools with to streamline content workflows

✔️ Unique features to enable visual and video-content analysis


❌ Monthly limits on content briefs and search-engine reports can be restrictive

❌ Content editor needs to be streamlined


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Standard plan- $99 per month

💰 Pro plan- $299 per month

💰 Customized pricing plans large enterprises

Best known for

Content Harmony is best known for its keyword reports. With Content Harmony, you can generate user-friendly reports to assess search intent and keyword difficulty levels. You can also view competitor outlines, and you can gain insights into how compatible your content is with the topic at hand. You can also view questions that are trending on Google’s SERPs, and you can calculate how certain images and videos may boost your rankings. Content Harmony can also generate SEO data for search queries across 9 different countries.

Frase FAQs

How much does Frase cost?

Frase offers a free trial plan. Pricing details for paid plans are given below:

💰 Solo plan- $19.99 per month

💰 Basic plan- $44.99 per month

💰 Team plan- $114.99 per month

💰 Customized pricing plans are available for users who are looking for add-ons

Is Frase any good?

Frase is a very popular SaaS tool for SEO research and analysis, but it may not be ideal for you due to its complex user interface and pricing restrictions. If you are not comfortable with Frase, you can go through the Frase alternatives mentioned above and select a suitable option for your business.