Hello everyone,

Many of you will attest to the fact that data management is the key to unlocking business success. But ,as we all know, information cannot be managed properly without the right tools.

This is why Airtable has become such a popular tool for freelancers and business professionals. Through Airtable, you can create custom interfaces and spreadsheets, with drag-and-drop elements, to share data and make it actionable. You can also automate workflows and synchronize data across teams/workspaces. Airtable also integrates into many external platforms. 

But, whilst Airtable is widely used for database management, issues with mobile-functionality and limitations for file-attachments can be problematic. Fortunately, we have a list of alternative apps that can be considered if Airtable does not meet your business requirements.

Here are the top alternatives to Airtable that you should consider for your business.

(We mention the hidden gems ? on top of our list, to give them more exposure, over the already popular ones)


Baserow is an Airtable alternative

Baserow offers open-source, no-code database management solutions with affordable pricing plans. With Baserow, you can modify fields through a streamlined admin panel, and you can perform multiple integrations as well. Baserow also has developer-friendly API tools, and it offers unlimited databases and tables to organize workflows and projects. Baserow also has many template features, and it offers template features as well.


✔️ No limits on groups, tables, databases or rows

✔️ Advanced developer and API tools

✔️ Versatile template features for content marketers, educators and project managers

✔️ Handy data-export features that are compatible with formats such as CSV, Excel, XML, JSON and Apple Numbers


❌ Calendar and survey views are not available

❌ Role-based permission features are lacking compared to peers


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Early premium plan- $5 per user per month

💰 Customised pricing plans for additional services

Best known for

Baserow is best known for its developer tools. With Baserow, you can access boilerplates to create custom plugins, or use third-party plugins to customize their workspaces. Baserow is open-source, and it can be self-hosted. Baserow can be used as headless software if required, and it works with PostgreSQL as well. Baserow also offers Public REST API features, with options to provide token permissions, and developers can add webhooks to their platform as well. 


Actiondesk is an Airtable alternative

Through Actiondesk, users can add live data into spreadsheets for streamlined data management. Actiondesk users can also integrate their SaaS tools into databases, and they can access templates to streamline workflows. Actiondesk also has convenient data-import features, and it has tools for live-collaboration. Actiondesk users can also add charts and graphs to their databases.


✔️ Versatile templates to create dashboards from data

✔️ Handy charting and reporting tools to reveal data trends over time

✔️ Advanced features to seamlessly collaborate and communicate

✔️ Robust tools to import data from any source


❌ Aggregation formulas tend to glitch when applied to spreadsheet columns

❌ Pricing plans are not readily available on the website


💰 Pricing not readily available on the website, please contact Actiondesk customer care for more details

Best known for

Actiondesk is best known for its dashboard templates. With Actiondesk, you can access templates across various categories. Some of these categories include product development, marketing, sales and finance. Actiondesk also provides specific templates for specific business types. Templates can also be modified as per the source from where data is being imported.

Zoho Sheet

ZohoDesk is a FreshDesk alternative

One of many SaaS products created by the Zoho group, Zoho Sheets gives you the tools to create, edit and share spreadsheets online. With Zoho Sheet, you can add charts and functions easily to analyze data, and you can collaborate with team-mates as well. Zoho Sheet is available through a browser extension and a mobile app, and it can be used to publish spreadsheets as well. Zoho Sheet also has AI features to simplify data analysis. 


✔️ Multilingual translation tools that let users translate into

✔️ Versatile charting features that support 2D and 3D charts

✔️ Advanced AI-assistant to visualize and analyze data

✔️ Robust collaboration tools that can be used to comment contextually and edit in real time


❌ Data-import features need to be improved

❌ More views need to be added for spreadsheets


💰 Pricing plans are not readily available on the website, please contact Zoho customer care for more information

Best known for

Zoho Sheet is best known for its AI features. With Zoho Sheet’s AI assistant, known as Zia, you can add charts and aggregate data automatically. Zia can also build pivot tables, and it can answer data-related questions. Zia can also be accessed through Zoho’s mobile app, and it can comprehend voice commands as well  


Rows is an Airtable alternative

Rows provides spreadsheet software with seamless collaboration features to simplify data management. Rows also has reporting and data-enrichment tools, and it integrates easily into many external platforms. Rows also offers API features for advanced users, and it has many templates for quick and easy spreadsheet setups. Airtable also offers mobile support, and it can be used to build interactive forms. 


✔️ Robust collaboration tools, with sharing and community features

✔️ Seamless integration options for automation and web requests

✔️ Advanced API tools with database and JSON support

✔️ Handy function wizard with auto-complete formulas


❌ Automations are metered for basic plans

❌ User-interface needs to be modernized


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Plus plan- $59 per month

💰 Pro plan- $249 per month

💰 Customised pricing plans for users looking for add-ons

Best known for

Rows is best known for its collaboration features. With Rows, you can easily create workspaces to share spreadsheets, and permission controls can also be assigned. Spreadsheets can also be edited in real time, and buttons/checkboxes can be added to make spreadsheets interactive. Spreadsheets can also be published easily with Rows, and they can be added to live-feeds.


Ninox is an Airtable alternative

Ninox offers data management tools with automation features. Ninox has many tools to improve collaboration, and it is easy to customize as well. You can also visualize data with different views and charts with Ninox. Ninox also offers many customizable templates, and it offers unlimited workspaces, databases and tables. Ninox can be accessed through a browser-based portal and a mobile app.


✔️ Versatile display features, where users can arrange data in the form of Kanban/Gantt charts and diagrams

✔️  Handy templates with ample customization options

✔️ Advanced collaboration tools with real-time synchronization features

✔️ Reliable customer support staff, that can be contacted via email or video-conferencing


❌ One-time charge is levied for Mac Users

❌ Document export features could be improved


💰 Starter plan- $11 per license per month

💰 Professional plan- $22 per license per month

💰 Customised pricing plans for enterprise users

Best known for

Ninox is best known for its customization features. With Ninox, you can modify templates easily and add customized logos throughout spreadsheets. You can also add custom CSS/JS files to update your workspace, and favicons can also be incorporated upon request. You can also customize emails for invitations and password-reset emails. 


Fibery is an Airtable alternative

Fibery’s no-code platform lets you build flexible workspaces with connected databases. Fibery also has many automation tools, and it has features to boost collaboration. Fibery also provides charting and reporting tools, and it integrates with many CRM and email-marketing apps. You can also import/export data easily with Fibery, and you can set up APIs to streamline workflows. 


✔️ Versatile template tools that are suitable for sales/marketing teams and project managers

✔️ Handy whiteboarding tools to create interactive mind-maps and customer-journey schemes

✔️ Advanced collaboration tools with options to set-up permissions and custom action buttons

✔️ Vast range of functions that can be used to calculate cycle times, lead times, totals and averages


❌ More features should be added to define time zones in spreadsheets

❌ Collaboration tools are limited for basic plans


💰 Free trial plan available

💰 Standard plan- $12 per user per month

💰 Pro plan- $20 per user per month

💰 Customised pricing plans large enterprises

Best known for

Fibery is best known for its whiteboarding tools. Fibery’s whiteboarding features make ideation easy, through interactive diagrams, visuals and mind-maps. You can connect diagrams in Fibery’s whiteboard to collaboration tools easily, and you can customize cards to display vital information. Fibery users can also set-up bi-directional links between mind-maps to capture insights and ideas.

Airtable FAQs

Who is Airtable’s competitor?

Airtable’s largest direct competitor is Microsoft Project

Why is Airtable better than Excel?

Whilst Airtable and Excel are essentially used to create spreadsheets, Excel does not have the collaboration or automation tools that Airtable offers. Excel is also not as mobile-friendly as Airtable.

Is Airtable better than Google Sheets?

In terms of interactivity and collaborative features, Airtable is better than Google Sheets. But in terms of simplicity and Zapier-compatibility, Google Sheets is better than Airtable.

Can ClickUp replace Airtable?

Yes, ClickUp has many features that make it similar to Airtable, and it can easily replace Airtable if required.

Is Airtable by Google?

At this point in time, Google does not have any stake in Airtable

Is Smartsheet better than Airtable?

Airtable has a better user-interface than Smartsheet, but if you are looking for a quintessential project-management tool, then Smartsheet is a better option compared to Airtable

Can Airtable replace Excel?

Most of the tasks that can be performed in Excel can also be performed in Airtable, but Airtable cannot fully replace Excel, as there are many Excel formulas and functions that are not available in Airtable.