Continuing our suggestions for customer loyalty programs, here’s another research based suggestions that talks about referral marketing programs

Referral marketing incentivizes existing customers to introduce their family, friends and contacts to an existing product/service, in order to convert them into new customers. When used in a targeted manner, referral marketing can become a highly cost-effective approach when it comes to getting new customers. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the necessary tools or knowledge to incorporate referral marketing into their business strategies.

This is where ReferralCandy comes into play. ReferralCandy helps businesses incorporate referral and email marketing tools into their e-commerce/SaaS platform. ReferralCandy is one of the leading SaaS providers when it comes to referral marketing tools. However, issues with integrations and difficulties in sieving out fake referrals can make the platform tricky for some users. Fortunately, there are many alternatives that can be considered by businesses looking to add referral marketing tools to their platform.

Here are the top alternatives to ReferralCandy that you should consider for your business.

The Best ReferralCandy alternative:

(We mention the hidden gems on top of our list, to give them more exposure, over the already popular ones)


GrowSurf is a ReferralCandy alternative

Focusing primarily on tech startups and newsletter publishers, Growsurf enables businesses to add referral marketing and email automation features to their platforms. Growsurf also offers rewards management tools and landing pages, along with participant tracking and campaign editor features.


✔️ Mobile-friendly user interface that works adapts to many different devices and screen sizes

✔️ Easy to use campaign editor to make the launch referral programs in a smooth and effective way

✔️ High-end analytics to view campaign performance and conversion rates

✔️ Comprehensive rewards management system with embeddable elements and automation features.

✔️ Robust tools to make targeted communication easy and accessible.


❌ Features are lacking to run affiliate programs

❌ Embedded elements can slow down online and mobile platforms


 – Free 14-day trial plan available

 – Startup plan: $200/month up to 10,000 participants

 – Business plan: $400/month up to 25,000 participants

 – Elite plan: Starting from $600/month up to 75,000 participants and going up to $1,200/month up to 300,000 participants.

– Custom plan available known as Done-For-You Solution

Best known for

GrowSurf is best known for its campaign editor features, which makes it easy for user to launch referral programs, even if they have limited knowledge of coding

Our Rating – 4.7/5


Referralhero is packed with many versatile features that enable businesses to incorporate referral and reward management systems to their platform. Referralhero also offers email automation tools and anti-fraud algorithms, with a sharp focus on making the platform as customisable as possible.


✔️ Ample customization options

✔️ Handy analytics to identify top ambassadors and track granular data

✔️ Advanced email automation features to allow for segmentation and automated coupon/access code distribution

✔️ Strong security features, such as anti-fraud algorithms.


❌ Multiple tracking codes cannot be added on the same page

❌ Glitches in the user interface lead to referrals not getting recorded at times


– Free 14-day trial available for all plans

– Basic plan: $49 per month for up to 2,500 members

– Pro plan: $99 per month for up to 15,000 members

– Premium plan: $199 per month for up to 50,000 members

Best known for

ReferralHero differentiates itself by offering ample customization and personalization options. Whether it’s referral links, landing pages, or developer tools, with ReferralHero, any feature can be suitably tailored to meet the individual needs of clients and end-users.

Our Rating – 4.4/5


BrandChamp is a ReferralCandy alternative

Marketed as an “ambassador management platform”, offers unique SaaS packages that leverage social media tools to drive customer engagement. Along with brand ambassador management tools, also offers UGC (user-generated content) and loyalty/rewards tools.


✔️ Powerful tools for sales tracking and onboarding

✔️ Versatile tools that incorporate user-generated content (UGC) to boost customer engagement

✔️ Robust features to automate and design rewards catalogs

✔️ Strong tools for real-time analytics and personalized reports


❌ Limited integration options compared to peers

❌ Pricing plans are not transparent or easily available on the website


– Basic plan (up to 150 ambassadors), pricing details will be provided by customer service staff after a phone consultation

– Growth plan (up to 500 ambassadors), pricing details will be provided by customer service staff after a phone consultation

– Community plan (up to 1500 ambassadors), pricing details will be provided by customer service staff after a phone consultation

– Enterprise plan: Have specific needs? Design a plan that exactly fits your needs. 

Best known for is best known for its UGC (user-generated content) features that enable users to collect product reviews, track content, launch online campaigns and segment user activities through social media platforms.

Our Rating – 4.3/5


With a sharp focus on tech firms, Prefinery provides referral software that is designed to generate leads for start-ups and pre-revenue technology companies. Along with referral programs, Prefinery also has features that assist with soft launches and beta testing.


✔️ Robust pre-launch waiting list features, that enable users to boost sign-ups with viral referral marketing with customized launch experiences

✔️ Mobile-friendly user interface with ample integration options

✔️ Novel beta-testing features that enable users to grow beta-tester lists and deliver unique beta invitation codes

✔️ Powerful email-automation features which are behavior-triggered


❌ Lack of features to run affiliate campaigns

❌ Features can be a little complicated for non-technical users who don’t have coding knowledge


– Free trial plan is available (up to 200 users)

– Starter plan: $69 per month (up to 2,000 subscribers)

– Growth plan: $129 per month (up to 10,000 subscribers)

– Business plan: $259 per month (up to 25,000 subscribers)

– Enterprise plan: Custom pricing plans upon connecting with the team

Best known for

Prefinery is best known for pre-launch waiting list features, which help generate hype and publicity for product launches with tools such as branded referral links, advanced form builders and unique invitation codes.

Our Rating – 4.4/5


GetAmbassador is a ReferralCandy alternative

GetAmbassador offers an omnichannel referral marketing platform that simplifies the process of word-of-mouth marketing. Along with referral and rewards tools, GetAmbassador also offers tools to assist with automated workflows, campaign testing and affiliate marketing


✔️ Intuitive user interface that comes with an easy-to-use visual editor

✔️ Versatile split and A/B testing features to optimize referral programs

✔️ Comprehensive knowledge base and guides are available to build referral and loyalty programs

✔️ Advanced automation features and portals to implement customised programs and tiered rewards


❌ Customer support issues are common

❌ Pricing plan details are not transparently disclosed on the website


– Pro, Pro Plus and Enterprise plans are available, pricing details will be provided by customer service staff after a phone consultation

Best known for

GetAmbassador is best known for its intuitive user interface that is packed with many versatile features such as pre-built designs and templates, automated workflow tools and user-friendly visual editors.

Our Rating – 4.6/5


With a focus on tailoring programs based on brand requirements, Rerferralrock offers referral and affiliate programming tools to facilitate word-of-mouth marketing and higher engagement. Along with referral tools, Referralrock also offers features for email campaigns, loyalty/rewards programs and multi-step automation tools.


✔️ Referral experts and teams help with on-boarding and tailor programs based on the customer’s specific needs

✔️ Easy to embed widgets available for mobile users

✔️ Smart automation features for email campaigns, promotions and notifications

✔️ Advanced analytics available, including URL control to track, compare, and optimize for different marketing channels


❌ Number of domains per account is restricted

❌ In-built integrations are limited compared to peers


– Starter plan: $200/month

– Growth plan: $400/month

– Established business plan: $800/month

Best known for

ReferralRock is best known for its customer support team and referral experts, who assist with designing on-brand, tailored programs with personalized onboarding that achieves results that match the specific needs of clients.

Our Rating – 4.4/5


SaaSquatch is a ReferralCandy alternative

SaaSquatch is a sophisticated platform that allows its users to create in-app or standalone loyalty, referral and partner programs. Through advanced program logic and custom configurability, SaaSquatch powers complex programs that are favored by mid-market and large enterprise companies that have complex user journeys. SaaSquatch also offers a drag-and-drop editor that allows for completely custom and on-brand end-user experiences plus program set-up support and coaching.


✔️ Robust rewards engine that is loaded with proven pre-defined rewards programs, along with the option to create customized programs

✔️ Dedicated coaching and support are provided

✔️ Powerful and streamlined dashboard to manage affiliate and partner programs without a steep learning curve

✔️ Mobile-friendly tools to build app-centric user experiences.


❌ More suitable for large organizations as opposed to small teams

❌ Additional fees are charged for certain customizations


– Referral plan: Starting from $1,750 per month

– Loyalty plan: Starting from $1,750 per month

– Lifecycle plan: Contact customer support for pricing

Best known for

SaaSquatch specializes in enterprise and large-scale plans, which are meant for businesses that need to have large customer bases and need scalable referral and rewards systems

Our Rating – 4.3/5


EarlyParrot is a ReferralCandy alternative

EarlyParrot offers customizable referral program features for e-commerce platforms. Along with referral and rewards features, EarlyParrot also offers email and drip marketing campaign features, along with referral marketing support and coaching.


✔️ Integrates easily into existing workflows, which reduces loads on the existing platform

✔️ No EarlyParrot branding is added to referral pages or emails

✔️ Robust email marketing and drip campaign features that boost brand awareness.

✔️ Streamlined visual editor with branded share links


❌ Knowledge of coding or Google Tag Manager is a must for certain features

❌ User-interface is not mobile-friendly


– Free starter plan available, up to 250 subscribers

– All features plan: $104 per month, up to 25000 subscribers

– Unlimited plan: $131 per month, unlimited subscribers

Best known for

EarlyParrot is best known for its email marketing and drip campaign features, which enable users to send customized invite emails, reward notifications and referral reminders through automated tools.

Our Rating – 4.2/5


With a sharp focus on developers, ReferralMagic provides referral program-building tools that generate effective, data-driven results. Along with referral tools, ReferralMagic also offers reward management and customizable widget features to track referrals from different channels.


✔️ Tailored in-built referral campaigns to execute programs based on specific rewards requirements

✔️ Robust analytics tools to provide real-time sign-up, upgrade and referral data

✔️ Comprehensive tools for reward and payout management

✔️ Ample integration options


❌ Monthly plans have limits on referral campaigns

❌ Learning curve is steep due to focus on developer tools


– Monthly plan: $245 per month

– All features plan: $2205 (annual only)

– On-premise plan: $9700 (one time license fee)

Best known for

Being a developer-centric platform, ReferralMagic is best known for its real-time analytics and campaign statistics, which are well-suited for developers looking for an in-depth upgrade, sign up and web traffic data.

Our Rating – 4.2/5

The best ReferralCandy alternative

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