E-commerce is rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives. Many of our day-to-day needs are being met through online portals and mobile applications. As the online marketplace is getting crowded with vendors and retailers, customer engagement has now become critical for e-commerce success. Engaging with customers doesn’t just boost sales, it also helps customers choose the right products/services to suit their needs.

Whilst there are many tools that businesses can use for customer engagement (such as referrals, rewards and loyalty programs), many platforms are not well equipped to handle this aspect of digital marketing.

This is where Yotpo comes into play. Yotpo primarily provides the necessary tools to help vendors collect and display customer reviews, but it also has unique features to help users with their loyalty/rewards programs and online/sms marketing campaigns.

With many big-box retail clients, Yotpo is growing rapidly as an e-commerce marketing platform. However, with several user interface issues, Yotpo’s platform can be problematic for many users. That being said, there are many great alternatives to Yotpo in the e-commerce marketing space.

Here are the top alternatives to Yotpo that you should consider for your business.

The Best YotPo alternative:

(We mention the hidden gems on top of our list, to give them more exposure, over the already popular ones)


Gameball is a YotPo alternative

Through gamification, Gameball.co creates tailor-made user experiences that enable businesses to grow and retain their customer base. Gameball.co has many great features that can be used for designing multi-level loyalty programs, grouping specific customers for targeted emails and messaging, creating robust referral programs and boosting customer engagement. 


✔️ Versatile features to add rewards and points to customer profiles

✔️ Gamified features (such as customizable badges and artwork) which boost customer engagement by turning regular activities into challenges and missions

✔️ Intuitive tools and analytics to facilitate the addition of referral programs to vendor platforms

✔️ Robust tools to make targeted communication easy and accessible.


❌ Lack of features to collect and leverage customer reviews/ratings (compared to its peers)

❌ Custom integrations and API access only available in enterprise plans


– Free plan is available for up to 500 customers 

– Starter plan: $35/month up to 1000 customers

 – Pro plan: $119/month up to 5000 customers

Non-Shopify users have the option to contact sales for custom pricing.

Best known for

Gameball is best known for providing gamified features that can boost customer engagement by transforming regular activities into fun challenges and missions.

Our Rating – 4.8/5


Loaded with easy-to-use features, Lootly.io makes it easy to incorporate loyalty and referral programs into any online business. Lootly.io also offers handy communication tools and analytics to enable customer growth and retention


✔️ Ample integration options across platforms and devices

✔️ Dynamic tools to add rewards and loyalty features, with complete brand customization

✔️ Advanced referral features, with CSS editor tools to add custom touches

✔️ High-end analytics to gauge customer engagement and conversions


❌ Could use more native integrations, especially for POS 


– Pro plan: $249 per month

– Enterprise plan: $599 per month

– Custom Solutions: From $1500 onwards

Best known for

Lootly.io is best known for its logic based and highly customizable referral popups coupled with unlimited usage pricing for a flat fee.

Our Rating – 4.7/5


Rise.ai is the leading re-engagement solution for online stores. They support brands to increase their AOV, CLTV, and repeat purchase rate using gift card, loyalty, rewards, referrals and refunds solutions.


✔️ AI-enabled features to help drive targeted marketing campaigns

✔️ Sleek features to add gift and loyalty cards to any platform

✔️ Features to add employee recognition and rewards programs to your platform

✔️ Streamlined dashboard to track customer accounts and engagement


❌ Limited features to process customer reviews and feedback

❌ Unlimited integrations only allowed for premium and enterprise plans


– Starter plan: $19.99 per month (up to 100 monthly store orders)

– Small Business plan: $59.99 per month (up to 400 monthly store orders)

– Pro plan: $199.99 per month (up to 2000 monthly store orders)

– Premium plan: $599.99 per month (up to 12000 monthly store orders)

– Enterprise plan: Available on contacting team.

Best known for

Through its use of artificial intelligence, Rise.ai is best known for providing features that can integrate loyalty programs and gift cards into any online business platform.

Our Rating – 4.6/5


Smile is a YotPo alternative

One of the leading reward program providers in the world, Smile.io offers powerful and versatile tools boost customer engagement through reward points and referrals. Every Smile.io feature can be managed through its user interface and admin dashboard.


✔️ Sleek user interface to manage points and referrals using ample customization options

✔️ Easy to use admin dashboard to track customer activities in real-time

✔️ Platform supports 5 different languages (with more to be added soon)

✔️ Advanced analytics with options to test and iterate new ideas in real-time


❌ Certain features, such as API access and unlimited integrations, are only available in enterprise and pro plans

❌ Digital and SMS marketing tools are very basic compared to peers


– Free plan available

– Starter plan: $49 per month

– Growth plan: $199 per month

– Pro plan: $599 per month

– Enterprise plan: Starting from $1000 per month

Best known for

Smile.io is best known for its user interface, which is easily customizable and loaded with proven customer engagement tools.

Our Rating – 4.7/5


LoyaltyLion is a YotPo alternative

Equipped with data-driven features, LoyaltyLion provides a technology stack that enables businesses to optimize their loyalty and referral programs as per their needs. Along with loyalty programs, LoyaltyLion also provides features to help with digital marketing, referrals and in-depth analysis of customer activity.


✔️ Advanced analytics to optimize loyalty programs as per customer activity

✔️ Sleek email and digital marketing tools to reach out to customers

✔️ Versatile and advanced features are available to engage shoppers at every touchpoint for merchants looking to step up their acquisition & retention strategies.

✔️ Ample customization and configuration options available for loyalty program pages

✔️ Open platform with 30+ technology partner integrations including best in class for email marketing, SMS marketing and subscription billing


❌ Started off as a Shopify-focused platform so functionality for Magento / BigCommerce is currently less developed

❌ Plug and play options work well for small merchants but more ambitious merchants need to upgrade to advanced or Plus plans as feature roadmap is primarily focused on Advanced/Plus plan merchants


– Classic Plan: $399 per month

– Advanced plan: $699 per month

– Plus plan: $1500 per month

Best known for

Loyaltylion is best known for its analytics and engagement features, which allow users to track customer activity. Identify their most valuable customers and encourage them to act, resulting in powerful ROI analytics.

Our Rating – 4.6/5


Stamped is a YotPo alternative

With cutting-edge AI-powered eCommerce solutions, Stamped.io makes it easy for businesses to engage with their customers. Along with versatile review and rating tools, Stamped.io also offers loyalty/rewards features and handy marketing tools to help increase revenue and customer satisfaction.


✔️ Sleek tools and widgets to collect reviews and ratings from multiple channels

✔️ Comprehensive features to add loyalty/rewards programs to any platform

✔️ Powerful digital marketing tools that use visual user-generated content to promote brands

✔️ AI-powered solutions to gain insights into customer feedback


❌ Installation issues are common for Spotify integrations

❌ Two separate subscription plans are required for Reviews and Loyalty features


Review and Ratings

– Basic plan: $23 per month

– Premium plan: $59 per month

– Business plan: $149 per month

– Professional plan: $299 per month

– Custom Enterprise plan

Loyalty and Rewards

– Premium plan: $59 per month

– Business plan: $179 per month

– Professional plan: $479 per month

– Custom Enterprise plan

Review and Loyalty

– Business plan: $279 per month

– Professional plan: $659 per month

– Custom Enterprise plan

Best known for

Stamped.io is best known for its industry-leading reviews/ratings tools, which allows businesses to easily collect and analyze customer reviews.

Our Rating – 4.5/5


Growave is a YotPo alternative

Specialising in digital marketing, Growave.io has a powerful platform that focuses on Shopify brands. Along with marketing tools, Growave.io also has sleek loyalty/reward plans, along with a unique feature to add wish lists to any e-commerce platform.


✔️ Potent marketing tools that use photo reviews and user-generated content to boost customer engagement

✔️ Intuitive features to add loyalty and rewards programs to online platforms

✔️ Handy social login feature, that enables users to log into their e-commerce account through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram

✔️ Wish list features to help boost sales conversions


❌ Lack of SMS marketing features

❌ Lack of in-built integration options compared to peers.


Getting Started;

– Basic plan: $9 per month

– Starter plan: $19 per month

– Small plan: $19 per month


– Medium plan: $49 per month

– Growth plan: $99 per month

– Large plan: $199 per month


– Enterprise plan: $299 per month

– Custom plan available if required

Best known for

Growave.io is best known for its digital marketing features, which can seamlessly utilize user-generated content to boost customer engagement.

Our Rating – 4.3/5


TryBeans is a YotPo alternative

A unified online marketing hub, Trybeans.com offers all the necessary tools that businesses need to promote their products online. Along with loyalty and referral programs, Trybeans.com also offers pop-up tools, notification widgets and automation tools for email/social media


✔️ Fully customizable features to add rewards/loyalty programs to any e-commerce platform

✔️ Widgets and tools available to strategically add pop-ups and notifications to boost sales conversion

✔️ Automated features to help boost engagement through emails and social media

✔️ Advanced analytics to measure customer retention and activity


❌ Lack of customer review and ratings features compared to peers

❌ Phone support is not provided


– Pro plan 1: $29 per month (up to 100 orders)

– Pro plan 2: $49 per month (up to 400 orders)

– Pro plan 3: $99 per month (up to 1000 orders)

– Pro plan 4: $199 per month (up to 2000 orders)

– Enterprise plan: Custom pricing

Best known for

Trybeans.com is best known for its automated social media and email features, which make marketing campaigns and customer tracking simple and effective.

Our Rating – 4.4/5


A truly customer-centric platform, Ekoma.io provides handy tools to grow sales and turn customer bases into communities. Along with rewards and loyalty tools, Ekoma.io also offers customer management tools through its mobile and desktop platform.


✔️ Handy tools to add custom actions to loyalty and rewards programs

✔️ Streamlined and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to track customers and access reports

✔️ Deep customization options to highlight branding and logos

✔️ Powerful tools available to segment customers for tailored VIP programs


❌ Review and ratings features are limited

❌ In-built integrations are limited


– Free starter plan available

– Growing plan: $29 per month

– Scaling plan: $99 per month

– Sustaining plan: $200 per month

Best known for

Ekoma is best known for its streamlined, mobile-friendly user interface, which removes many hiccups from the customer management process.

Our Rating – 4.3/5

The best YotPo alternative

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