At BetterAlternative, we are always open to your feedback and suggestions. Over the past few weeks, we have received many queries from entrepreneurs and freelancers who are looking for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools. The internet is extremely crowded, and it is widely accepted that 70% of all Google users never scroll past the first page of a Google search. This is the reason why every business must have powerful SEO tools to ensure that it ranks within the first 2 pages of a relevant Google search. 

This is where SEOptimer comes into play. SEOptimer is an auditing and reporting tool that reviews the ranking factors of a website and helps identify issues that could be affecting the website’s ‘searchability’. SEOptimer also provides information to improve keyword rankings, XML sitemaps and SEO crawl reporting.

Indeed, SEOptimer offers many tools to improve website rankings. However, issues with the user interface and the website layout can make SEOptimer unsuitable for many businesses and entrepreneurs. Luckily there are many alternatives that you can consider in case SEOptimer does not meet your requirements.

Here are the top alternatives to SEOptimer that you should consider for your business.

The Best SEOptimer Alternatives:

SEO Audit Software

SEO Audit Software is a SEOptimer alternative

SEO Audit Software offers SEO reporting and tracking tools for businesses of all sizes. SEO Audit Software also offers lead generation features, along with branded SEO tools and open source SEO software for advanced users. SEO Audit Software also has automation tools for advanced users.


✔️ Unlimited options to embed customizable lead-generation forms to any website

✔️ Comprehensive keyword ranking tools to compare data with competitors and track keywords from any location

✔️ Handy features to automate SEO performance reporting

✔️ Versatile keyword rank tracker tool


❌ Lack of generator tools for robots.txt, .htaccess files and XML sitemaps

❌ Support center and knowledge base needs to be improved


– Free plan is available

– Starter plan: $9 per month

– Bronze plan: $14 per month

– Silver plan: $51 per month

Best known for

SEO Audit Software is best known for its keyword rank tracker, which guarantees a 100% accurate keyword ranking, along with the ability to track keyword ranks in Google Maps, Ads and SERPs. SEO Audit’s keyword rank tracker also provides daily rank notifications, helps identify keyword cannibalization issues and constantly tracks the rankings of competitors.

Our Rating – 4.6/5

SEO Tester Online

SEO Tester Online is a SEOptimer alternative

SEO Tester Online offers advanced SEO and keyword tools to optimize websites. It can be used by inexperienced users or advanced users working on complex projects. Along with SEO tools, SEO Tester Online also offers tools for copywriting, lead generation options to analyze different search engines.


✔️ Handy Search Engine Research Page (SERP) tools to analyze results for Bing, Yahoo and Yandex along with Google.

✔️ Flexible copy-metrics tool to generate useful suggestions for keyword content

✔️ Robust lead generation tools to set up quick and easy campaigns

✔️ Strong tools to find long-tailed keywords with low SEO difficulty.


❌ Translation issues are common due to software being based in Italian

❌ More integration features need to be added


– Free trial plan is available

Personal Plan

– Lite plan: $27 per month

– Pro plan: $40 per month

– Plus plan: $59 per month

Agency Plan

– Advanced Plan: $76 per month

– Premium Plan: $152 per month

– Infinity Plan: $468 per month

Enterprise Plan

– Enterprise Plan: Starting at $525 per month

– Customized tailor-made pricing plans are available for all categories

Best known for

SEO Tester Online is best known for its Copy Metrics tool, which analyzes copywriting of competitors and generates content heatmaps accordingly. SEO Tester Online’s proprietary algorithms analyze content from different sites and generate keyword and topic distributions through visual heatmaps. The Copy Metrics tool also generates useful data on interceptable traffic, search intent, keyword difficulty/density and active trends. 

Our Rating – 4.5/5


Seomator is a SEOptimer alternative

Seomator offers in-depth on-page testing and website crawler tools to improve search-engine rankings. Through its crawler, Seomator also offers complete diagnostic reports that can be white-labelled if required. Seomator also offers tools for audit widgets and domain comparisons. 


✔️ Comprehensive SEO crawler function to provide diagnostics on detectable issues

✔️ Robust white-labeling tools to deliver on-Page and off-Page analytics to clients within minutes

✔️ Handy alerts and notifications to constantly track on-page changes

✔️ Flexible “how to fix tips” added with every audit report


❌ Adobe Flash-based websites are not compatible with SEOmator crawler

❌ Lack of options for open-source SEO software


– Free trial plan is available

– ‘Pay as you go’ plan: $5 per project

– Small business plan: $19 per month

– Professional plan: $49 per month

– Unlimited plan: $179 per month 

Best known for

Seomator is best known for its crawling tools, which can generate detailed reports on internal links, HTML tags, backlinks, page speed, mobile usability, text statistics, social media, organic presence and content quality. Seomator’s crawling features can also be auto-scheduled and come with monitoring alerts and notifications.

Our Rating – 4.3/5


MySiteAuditor is a SEOptimer alternative

MySiteAuditor specializes in offering SEO tools for lead generation. Along with embeddable lead generation tools, MySiteAuditor also offers conversion tracking and CRM integrations for businesses of all sizes.


✔️ Advanced API features to request landing page audits for any keyword

✔️ Highly effective SEO audit tools that can be embedded into any website and improve lead conversion

✔️ Ample customization options available for reports and audit forms

✔️ Handy tools to generate unlimited conversion tracking and audit reports.


❌ Lack of crawler tools compared to peers

❌ Keyword ranking and tracking features are limited compared to peers


– Free trial plan is available

– Basic plan: $39 per month

– Pro plan: $79 per month

Best known for

MySiteAuditor is best known for its embedded audit tools, which are designed for lead generation. Lead generation forms can be embedded in large, slim and small formats, and MySiteAuditor allows for unlimited SEO audit reports to be generated.

Our Rating – 4.7/5


SiteGuru is a SEOptimer alternative

SiteGuru combines SEO checks with SEO best practices to provide comprehensive diagnostic reports to help improve website rankings. Siteguru offers crawlers, checklists and Google analytics tracking tools for businesses of all sizes, from beginners to established agencies.


✔️ Comprehensive crawler tools that generate detailed reports on sitemaps, internal links, and canonicals

✔️ Versatile SEO task lists to highlight the most important issues that impact SEO visibility and detailed steps to fix them

✔️ In-depth timeline features to view all the changes done to meta descriptions, page titles and canonicals over time

✔️ Seamless compatibility with Google analytics and search console


❌ Lack of lead generation features compared to peers

❌ White-labelled reports only available for premium plans


– Free trial plan is available

– Starter plan: $29 per month

– Medium plan: $49 per month

– Agency plan: $149 per month

Best known for

SiteGuru is best known for its actionable to-do lists, which are generated after crawling through hundreds of data points on a website. Prioritized by impact and affected pages, SiteGuru’s to-do lists highlight the most important SEO issues that impact visibility and provide detailed guidelines on how to fix them.

Our Rating – 3.7/5


SerpWizz is a SEOptimer alternative

SERPWizz offers actionable tools that run checks on multiple SEO data points, to measure & track SEO performance through on-page audit reports. SERPWizz also provides usability tools for mobile devices, along with features to check the SEO efficiency of every tool and plug-in on any website.


✔️ Comprehensive tools to check usability features and website performance on mobile platforms

✔️ In-depth features to check SEO friendliness of the complete tech-stack on any website

✔️ Handy link building and tracking tools

✔️ Detailed reporting features to cover more than 100 SEO data points


❌ Lack of API tools compared to peers

❌ Support center and knowledge base needs to be improved


– Free trial plan is available

– Muggle plan is a free plan for beginners with limited features

– Mage plan: $19 per month

– Magician plan: $49 per month

– Wizard plan: $99 per month

Best known for

SERPWizz is best known for its in-depth audit reports, which provide data on more than 100 key SEO data points. SERPWizz’s reports provide actionable information on Meta Descriptions/Keywords, Google Previews, Title tags, Keyword consistency, GZIP compression, embedded objects, favicons, domain availability, mobile-friendliness, backlink rankings and many other parameters. This makes Serpwizz a one-stop-shop tool for SEO analysis.

Our Rating – 3.7/5

SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is a SEOptimer alternative

SEO Site Checkup offers many flexible tools to simplify the SEO process. SEO Site Chekup’s features can be used to analyze SEO performance of competitors, check backlinks and create automated check-ups through its dashboard, along with tools to check mobile compatibility and provide white-labeled reports.


✔️ Handy automated tools to keep track of SEO variables and deliver notifications whenever SEO scores are changed

✔️ Comprehensive side-by-side SEO comparisons of up to 5 competitors

✔️ In-depth backlink tracking and reporting features

✔️ Streamlined and easy-to-use dashboard


❌ Lack of rank tracker tools compared to peers

❌ Lack of lead generation tools compared to peers


– Free trial plan is available

– Basic plan: $29.95 per month

– Webmaster plan: $49.95 per month

– Professional plan: $89.95 per month

Best known for

SEO Site Checkup is best known for its backlink tracking features. SEO Site Checkup generates handy information on the quality and quantity of backlinks, ordered by importance. Backlink lists can also be saved and exported into different formats and tracked over time.

Our Rating – 3.5/5

The best SEOptimer alternative

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