Email is one of the most effective means of business communication at present. That being said, it can become tedious to track and manage emails at times in a business setting. This is where Yesware comes in.

Yesware offers email tracking, campaigning and scheduling tools that make email management simple and easy. Yesware is a market leader in email management software; however, there are many issues with the Yesware platform that may prompt many of its users to look for alternatives.  

(We mention the hidden gems πŸ’Ž on top of our list, to give them more exposure, over the already popular ones)


1. PolyMail

A novel platform with powerful automation features, PolyMail provides essential tools required to improve email productivity. Along with automation tools, PolyMail also offers tracking and scheduling tools to enable users to spend less time on repetitive manual tasks.


βœ”οΈ Robust click-and-download tracking features

βœ”οΈ One-click unsubscribe option to clear newsletters and spam instantly

βœ”οΈ Advanced automation features to help with multi-stage campaigns, reply detection and detailed reporting

βœ”οΈ Strong calendar features for instant scheduling and double-booking protection


❌ Currently not available for Android users

❌ Bugs are common on the platform, which may lead to issues such as email drafts getting stuck in the outbox or attachments not getting downloaded easily.


πŸ’° Basic plan – $13 per month per user

πŸ’° Premium plan – $29 per month per user

πŸ’° Enterprise plan – $59 per month per user

Best known for

Polymail is best known for its advanced automation features, which are branded as Polymail Sequences. These features enable users to engage with prospects effectively and track employee performance.

2. MailTag

With an emphasis on Sales and Marketing, MailTag offers a sleek platform with advanced email tracking and follow-up features. This Yesware alternative also offers versatile team management and automation features at competitive rates.


βœ”οΈ Advanced analytics dashboard with a streamlined interface and in-depth email tracking features.

βœ”οΈ Signature personalization features that enable users to increase their social reach and engagement through their emails.

βœ”οΈ Auto-follow up features to improve reply rates and increase sales through automation.

βœ”οΈ Innovative sales team statistics to track the productivity of each team member.


❌ Lack of integration options compared to peers

❌ Lack of calendar features


πŸ’° Pro plan – $12.99 per user per month

Best known for

MailTag’s best feature is its signature generator feature, which enables users to personalize and customize their email signatures in order to improve reply rates and accessibility with prospects.

3. Docsify

Through its Gmail plugin, Docsify offers handy tracking features and analytics to boost email productivity and efficiency. Docsify also offers features to add custom tracking domains and text shortcuts into emails.


βœ”οΈ Advanced email/attachment tracking tools with page-by-page attachment analytics and geo-location tracking features.

βœ”οΈ Analytics features to monitor employee communications.

βœ”οΈ Text shortcut features that enable users to enter text anywhere in an email body within 2 clicks.

βœ”οΈ Features to add live chats and threads into documents and attachments


❌ Currently available with Gmail and G-Suite only

❌ Premium plans are only available in pre-set bundles


πŸ’° Free plan available

πŸ’° Pro/Personal plan – $9 per month for 2 users

πŸ’° Pro/Team plan – $25-$67 per month depending on the number of users

Best known for

Docsify is well known for its advanced tracking features. These features can be used to track emails and they can be used to obtain tracking data and page-by-page analytics on PDF attachments and documents.



With over 75,000 companies on-board and over 300,000 leads verified daily, is a market leader and a Yesware competitor in email tracking software that emphasizes on CRM. The platform makes lead generation and campaigning easier through automated tools such as GBlast.


βœ”οΈ Unique tools that enable users to launch drip campaigns and streamline sales funnels through automation.

βœ”οΈ Versatile features that enable users to research leads and competitors in an efficient manner e.g. Boolean search tools.

βœ”οΈ Ample integration options compared to many peers.

βœ”οΈ Technology checker tool to help identify the technologies used to build a website or an app.


❌ High pricing compared to peers and credits have to be purchased for add-on features.

❌ Lack of appointment scheduling and calendar features


πŸ’° S Plan – $39 per month

πŸ’° M plan – $69 per month

πŸ’° L plan – $129 per month

πŸ’° XL plan – $199 per month

Best known for is best known for its superlative CRM features, which can be used to launch drip campaigns, effectively convert leads and optimize sales funnels.

5. MixMax

With a strong focus on customer care, MixMax offers various tracking and CRM tools to boost customer success and sales performance. MixMax also offers various tools for recruiters such as scheduling features and handy email templates.


βœ”οΈ Real time email and attachment tracking features with in-depth engagement analytics and notifications.

βœ”οΈ Audio calling features to connect with saved CRM contacts with one-click-dialling.

βœ”οΈ Sidechat and polling/survey features to boost engagement.

βœ”οΈ Advanced automation features to start email drip campaigns and ease workflow management


❌ Only tracks emails sent from desktop Gmail, as it is only available as an extension for Google Chrome.

❌ Rate limiting issues are common for email sequences


πŸ’° Free plan available

πŸ’° Starter plan – $12 per month per user

πŸ’° SMB plan – $29 per month per user

πŸ’° Growth plan – $65 per month per user

Best known for

MixMax is best known for its Dialler feature, which enables its users to make audio calls from their inboxes. This feature is not usually in-built in other email tracking platforms.

6. SalesHandy

Trusted by over 100,000 businesses, SalesHandy offers tracking and email scheduling tools to help improve engagement and track email outreach. SalesHandy is a Yesware alternative that also offers automation tools to assist with follow-ups and email campaigns.


βœ”οΈ Automated follow up features that use personalized email sequence templates

βœ”οΈ Easy β€˜shortcut’ features to add email templates instantly

βœ”οΈ Advanced merging features to launch email campaigns

βœ”οΈ Flexible email scheduling features to help increase response rates


❌ Lack of calendar and appointment booking features

❌ Mobile app not available


πŸ’° Free plan available

πŸ’° Regular plan – $12 per month per user

πŸ’° Plus plan – $27 per month per user

πŸ’° Enterprise plan – $59 per month per user

Best known for

SalesHandy is best known for its Auto Follow-up features that simplify email campaigns and come with detailed engagement analytics


Mainly known or its domain search and email finder features, offers nimble mail tracking and CRM tools along with its primary offerings. Along with email campaign and technology tracking tools, offers a comprehensive suite of tools to boost email productivity and CRM.


βœ”οΈ Simple and easy to install mail tracker feature

βœ”οΈ Advanced domain search and email finding features that enable users to get all the email addresses associated with a specific website.

βœ”οΈ Simplified features to launch and manage cold email campaigns.

βœ”οΈ TechLookup feature is handy to find out which sites are using a specific software tool.


❌ Lack of attachment tracking features

❌ Lack of in-built integration options compared to peers.


πŸ’° Free plan available

πŸ’° Starter plan – $49 per month

πŸ’° Growth plan – $99 per month

πŸ’° Pro plan – $199 per month

πŸ’° Enterprise plan – $399 per month

Best known for

Although offers very nimble email tracking features, it is best known for its domain search and email finder feature, which has 100+ million indexed email addresses.

8. provides a simple, no-frills platform to track emails. There are no complex features, tools, extensions on this platform. is a perfect Yesware alternative for users who just want a simple mail tracker at an affordable price, with any unnecessary add-ons and features.


βœ”οΈ Real time notifications that pop up when your emails are read

βœ”οΈ Affordable pricing plans

βœ”οΈ Streamlined activity dashboard available with link tracking

βœ”οΈ Agile attachment tracking features


❌ Lack of CRM features

❌ Lack of calendar and appointment scheduling features


πŸ’° Free basic plan available

πŸ’° Pro plan (monthly) – $4.99 per month

Best known for

Since provides a no-frills platform with only email tracking tools, its pricing plans are very competitive compared to their peers, and this is what is best known for.

9. RightInbox

With more than 250k users, RightInbox offers novel email tracking and scheduling tools for professionals and teams. Along with tracking and scheduling, RightInbox also offers CRM and mail merging tools that help with online campaigns.


βœ”οΈ Efficient scheduling features that instantly align with schedules of remote contacts with time zone support.

βœ”οΈ Robust mail merging and sequencing features for online campaigns.

βœ”οΈ Handy email reminder features that compliment well with the scheduling features.

βœ”οΈ Multiple email addresses can be added per subscription


❌ Mobile devices are not supported

❌ Lack of analytics and dashboard features


πŸ’° Free plan available

πŸ’° Professional plan – $7.95 per month

πŸ’° Plus plan – $6.95

Best known for

Rightinbox is best known for its email scheduling and reminder features, which are perfect for businesses working with multiple remote contacts and teams


10. Mailcastr

Although Mailcastr is one of the relatively lesser-known Yesware alternatives in the email tracking software space, it has a robust platform with many handy tools and features. Along with email tracking and campaigning features, Mailcastr also has many automated features that enable email outreach and personalized conversations at scale.


βœ”οΈ Easy to use tracking features with real-time notifications

βœ”οΈ Automated chat bots to enable lead verification

βœ”οΈ Advanced automation features to make email campaigns easy

βœ”οΈ Appointment scheduling and task management features available through integration with Calendly


❌ Email synchronization between devices is very limited

❌ Mobile app is not available


πŸ’° Free starter plan available

πŸ’° Starter plan – $29 per month

πŸ’° Professional plan – $49 per month

Best known for

Mailcastr is best known or its automation features. The automated follow up and chat bot features enable businesses to obtain and convert leads with ease.

11. MailVibes

Designed as a β€˜remote working sidekick’, MailVibes packs powerful email and link tracking features into its platform. Along with tracking tools, MailVibes also offers notification and mass email campaign tools, along with high-end analytics to make email management easy and efficient.


βœ”οΈ Powerful email and link tracking features that provide users with real time notifications.

βœ”οΈ Robust mass mail merge features to send personalized campaigns

βœ”οΈ Detailed analytics dashboard that provides data on productivity, workload and response time.

βœ”οΈ Compared to peers, MailVibes offers more features on their free plan


❌ There are frequent glitches in the extension, for which the user may have to uninstall and re-install MailVibes frequently.

❌ Lack of integration options compared to peers


πŸ’° Free plan available

πŸ’° Premium plan – $8 per user per month

Best known for

MailVibes is best known for its detailed analytics dashboard. In-depth statistics related to email tracking; mass mails, template effectiveness and even geo-location data can be accessed easily from the MailVibes analytics dashboard.


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