With over 1500+ powerful integrations, Zapier has a monopolistic market in the data integration space.

However, in recent times some promising alternatives are coming up with unique solutions and might turn out to be more relevant for your business than even Zapier.

We have, thus, picked the top 7 Zapier alternatives you can choose from, and start automating

(We mention the hidden gems 💎 on top of our list, to give them more exposure, over the already popular ones)


1. Automate.io

Number one entry on our list for a reason! Automate.io is the closest match of Zapier. A powerful library of apps to choose from makes it the right fit for most businesses. However, what really sets it higher from the other entries on our list is the product maturity.

They have decently captured on the market that is Zapier’s surplus.


Automate.io comes in five packages:

💰 The first plan is free

💰 The Startup Plan is priced at $49 per month.

💰 The Growth Plan is priced at $99 per month.

💰 The Business Plan is priced at $199 per month.

💰 The Enterprise Plan is priced at $399 per month.


✔️ Well-defined triggers and tasks

✔️ 3 times more automated tasks than Zapier!

✔️ Some amazing use cases to help you implement better

✔️ Drag and drop editor for ease of use

✔️ Better workflow management than most!


❌ Certain integrations require coding

Best known for

Automate.io is famous as the 2nd entrant into the integration market after Zapier. They try to provide higher value in their plans and focus on simplicity.

⭐ Our Rating – 4.4/5

2. Skyvia

This unique platform provides an all in one solution for someone who is looking to automate processes.

Skyvia is platform to integrate cloud apps, databases and flat files, it also provides ready-to-use API endpoints for any data source, helps you access your data online, view, export, and manage them from your browser and much more.


They have divided the products into four groups – Data Integration, Backup, Query, and Connect.

Each of these products have a free starter pack too, however, for more requirements, you would need the paid subscriptions.

Data Integration has three packages:

💰 Basic Plan is priced at $19 per month.

💰 Standard Plan is priced at $99 per month.

💰 Professional Plan is priced at $499 per month.


✔️ Easy data backup solution

✔️ One unified dashboard for all tools

✔️ Access to over 750+ third-party apps

✔️ Offers visual query builder

✔️ Beautiful versatile templates.


❌ The paid models aren’t inclusive, you would need separate plans for separate things

Best known for

Skyvia is famous for providing comprehensive solution for all data related requirements. It is particularly known for helping you backup all your cloud data from a single web interface.

⭐ Our Rating – 4.5/5


3. Integromat

Integromat’s tagline is “The glue of the Internet”, and they justify it! They claim to be the best workflow automation software online, plus they do very well on some of the most advanced projections too.

I think their name best hints their vision:
“Integration” + “Automate” = Integromat


They have a free plan as well, but it would be limited to just 100 MB data transfer, for more utility, you would need their paid models.

💰 Basic Plan- $9 per month

💰 Standard Plan- $29 per month

💰 Business Plan- $99 per month

💰 Platinum Plan- $299 per month

💰 Custom Plan can be tailored as per your needs.


✔️ Ideal for techies who want to configure advanced setups

✔️ Even connects with Zapier!

✔️ Advanced data management features such as conditional logic, field setting.

✔️ Data tracking between apps


❌ Might just be too advanced for non technical users

Best known for

Integromat is best known for 2 things:

1. Providing a lot of value for the price as compared to Zapier.
2. Ideal for developers and techies who are looking to create complex automations

⭐ Our Rating – 4.6/5

4. Integrately

Integrately is a no code data integration platform made for non-techies and business people. It reinvents the integration process with its ‘1 click integration’ and eliminates the involvement of any tech expert in the setup.


💰 The free plan gives you 200 tasks

💰 The Starter plan is at $15/month which gives you 14,000 tasks

💰 The Professional plan is at $29/month and gives you 40,000 tasks

💰 The Growth plan is at $99/month for 150,000 tasks

💰 The Business plan is the top plan at $250/month with 700,000 tasks.


✔️ Quick and deep integrations with over 100+ apps

✔️ Advanced setup with no coding required

✔️ Smart mappings

✔️ Prompt customer service

✔️ Not forced to JSON interface


❌ Limited number of integrations

Best known for

Its ‘1 click integration’ (pre-made integrations) which can be turned on and put to use in a minute. The company made a sincere attempt at simplifying integrations so anyone can integrate without any IT help.

⭐ Our Rating – 4.6/5

5. Zoho Flow

Like most of the other Zoho products, Zoho Flow is again a great alternative to Zapier at an extremely affordable price. It provides a comprehensive set of features and does everything Zapier does.


💰 The Standard Plan is priced at $10 per month.

💰 The Professional plan is priced at $25 per month.


✔️ Deluge, Zoho’s own scripting language.

✔️ Consolidated dashboard with all your reports on the display.

✔️ Maximum workflow automation

✔️ Ready-made integration flows

✔️ Drag and drop editor


❌ Most SaaS companies do not pick Zoho Flow as their go-to integration partner

Best known for

We weren’t able to find anything different about Zoho Flows. Felt to us like Zoho’s version of Zapier which is not much different from Zapier just a little cheaper.

⭐ Our Rating – 4.5/5


6. Parsey

The software eliminates your need for manual data entry from all checkpoints. You can just leave the job on Parsey. With smart APIs and trigger “events”, the software can automate almost anything.

It’s a young company that shows promising signs.


💰 Starter Plan is priced at $30 on a monthly bill

💰 Jump Plan is priced at $60 on a monthly bill

💰 Grow Plan is priced at $100 on a monthly bill

💰 Scale Plan is priced at $150 on a monthly bill


✔️ No code needed. AT ALL!

✔️ From capturing data to automating workflow, does it all!

✔️ Helps establish clear triggers, conditional logic, and task automation.

✔️ Data extraction from mails, a.csv files, ad webhooks (outbound webhooks too), with auto-replay for declined requests.


❌ The integrations list is still growing

Best known for

Parsey is primarily known for parsing data and moving it from Point A to point B buy it looks like they are evolving fast.

⭐ Our Rating – 4.4/5


These were our top 7 picks on the alternatives for Zapier. Let us know in the comments which one suits your business the most.