The last we wrote about CRMs was when we published an article about Salesforce alternatives. A year later we got curious about the ever-growing CRM space and for 2022 we conducted a massive research drive where we tried 650+ different CRM softwares. That’s right, we actually checked 650+ different CRM systems and chose the best ones that we can actually consider as ideal Pipedrive Alternatives.

In this article, we will not get into details about Salesforce, Freshworks CRM, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics365 or TeamWork CRM because these are leading CRM players that everyone knows about and they are obviously great. There are many other relatively smaller players that deserve a spotlight.

Here are some great alternatives to Pipedrive that are worth considering in 2022.

The Best Pipedrive alternatives:

(We mention the hidden gems on top of our list, to give them more exposure, over the already popular ones)


Capsule is a Pipedrive alternative

Capsule has developed an intuitive CRM solution that delivers big results for customers. Capsule offers simplified solutions to help customers connect with their customers in an effective way. Along with CRM and contact management features, Capsule also offers contact/calendar management and sales pipeline features to ensure that every customer and every sale can be monitored efficiently.


✔️ Advanced, user-friendly CRM app helps view tasks and connect with customers on the move

✔️ Versatile contact management features enable users to keep a comprehensive record of every customer interaction.

✔️ Easy to use drag-and-drop dashboard to track conversion performance and key milestones

✔️ In-depth sales analytics to break down sales pipeline data and customized activity types and sales filters

✔️ Growing range of integrations, specifically a good selection of accountancy integrations such as Xero and QuickBooks and useful integrations with Microsoft and Google.


❌  Only supports English

❌ Customization features are limited for basic plans


– Free plan is available

– Professional plan: $18 per user per month

– Teams plan: $36 per user per month

– Enterprise plan: $54 per user per month

Best known for

Capsule is best known for its ease of use and how easy it makes to get started with its intuitive design and beautiful UI.

Our Rating – 4.6/5


Freeagent is a Pipedrive alternative

FreeAgent CRM is a complete platform and robust work management system that helps teams get everything in one place, work more collaboratively to get more done, and track and improve performance. It is designed for the new world of work.

Remote teams thrive with complete visibility into day-to-day activity, real-time collaboration, and powerful code-free customization. By eliminating time spent searching for information and reducing manual data entry, FreeAgent CRM empowers leaders to optimize sales, marketing, customer success, and project management.


✔️ Custom-built for businesses. Its customizable app suite allows teams to access the features they need without having to navigate through a library of features they don’t.

✔️ Custom views let each member of the team see only what they want to see, how they want to see it.

✔️ Custom automation and task management help teams create workflows that fit their unique needs and work style. FreeAgent CRM works the way users want so that they can work better.

✔️ Sophisticated dashboards to help track and monitor key metrics across the organization.

✔️ A visual, intuitive user experience that drives sky-high team adoption — and high-fives!

✔️ Full-featured, native iOS and Android mobile apps. Entire web-app configuration and data visibility carry over to your mobile device. Receive push notifications on your mobile device when an important event occurs.


❌ The robust and collaborative nature of the FreeAgent CRM platform means that companies with under 10 employees may not be able to utilize some of the advanced team-specific features to the fullest.

❌ Getting ROI out of the FreeAgent toolset grows exponentially with more users.


– A 30-day Free Trial is available

– A Univeral plan is available for $10 per month for the first 6 months and then $20 thereafter

Best known for

FreeAgent is best known for its code-free customization that allows the platform to be built from the ground up to best serve the needs of its users. This flexibility puts the power into the hands of the users, who are able to make changes quickly and easily. This level of user control is one of the many reasons why FreeAgent CRM remains the top user-rated CRM platform on the market today.

Our Rating – 4.7/5


Nutshell is a Pipedrive alternative

Nutshell offers comprehensive CRM and marketing tools that are suitable for sales teams of all sizes. Along with CRM tools, Nutshell also offers email automation tools, contact management tools and collaboration features within one centralized platform.


✔️ Advanced sales automation features to help with auto-assignment of leads and personalised drip email sequences

✔️ Intuitive email marketing tools enable users to design eye-catching templates and filter clients to create targeted marketing lists

✔️ Unique pipeline management tools such as map view (to see the area-wise concentration of leads) and interactive drag and drop features

✔️ Innovative contact management features, such as free data importing assistance and automated search-engine features to obtain social media and location info of prospective customers


❌ Marketing features have additional charges

❌ Lack of calendar and project management features compared to peers


– Starter plan: $19 per user per month

– Pro plan: $49 per user per month

– Marketing features have additional charges based on number of contacts

Best known for

Nutshell is best known for its automation features. Whether it’s sales pipeline management, email marketing or contact management, Nutshell has many tools to automate mundane tasks such as gathering lead insights, assigning leads to reps and making personalized drip campaigns.

Our Rating – 4.6/5


Pipeline is a Pipedrive alternative

As the name suggests, Pipeline offers tools and features that enable businesses to manage their sales pipelines in an effective manner. Along with CRM tools, Pipeline also offers data sharing and collaboration tools to make tracking and managing sales easy and effective.


✔️ Advanced collaboration features to keep remote teams in sync with latest deal and lead assignments, customer interactions and sales pipeline progress

✔️ Supershare feature enables users to share files and data easily

✔️ Streamlined pipeline management dashboard with list views to make tracking and managing sales easy

✔️ Lightweight mobile app with advanced features such as business card scanners


❌ Analytics features are basic and only available in high-end plans

❌ Most features are only available in English


– Start plan: $29 per user per month

– Develop plan: $39 per user per month

– Grow plan: $59 per user per month

Best known for

Pipeline is best known for its sales pipeline dashboard, which presents data with list views and hindsight features to track sales pipeline progress and organize info that can be easily shared and accessed across teams

Our Rating – 4.6/5


Salesmate offers sales and CRM software, with affordable price plans, that cater to businesses of all sizes. Along with CRM, Salesmate also offers automation, email/goal tracking and communication tools to ease the process of contact and deal management.


✔️ Robust built-in calling and messaging tools, based on a cloud-based VOIP phone system

✔️  Intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard with quick views to create multiple sales pipelines and resolve sales roadblocks

✔️ Comprehensive email tracking and automation features to track all conversations and design customized email marketing campaigns

✔️ Intelligent workflow automation features to automate task assignments and follow-ups


❌ Attachments are not allowed for emails sent using automation tools

❌  Limitations are there when it comes to importing product details into the platform


– Starter plan: $15 per user per month

– Growth plan: $30 per user per month

– Boost plan: $50 per user per month

– Enterprise plan: Customized pricing plans are also available for larger teams

Best known for

Salesmate is best known for its built-in VOIP calling and messaging systems, which allow users to add notes to calls, automatically log/record calls, distribute calls through sequential or simultaneous ringing and automate mundane tasks such as sending bulk messages and dropping voicemails.

Our Rating – 4.7/5


CompanyHub is a Pipedrive alternative

Companyhub offers ‘Easy-as-Excel’ CRM that can be specifically tailored to the industry-requirements of its users. Along with CRM, Companyhub also offers lead management, sales pipeline management and automation features through its centralized platform.


✔️ Email tracking and automation features to assist with personalized bulk mails, tracking and scheduling

✔️ Simplified lead management features that help with creating leads, adding notes/tasks/conversations and scheduling important dates through layouts similar to excel sheets

✔️ Versatile sales dashboard that breaks down complex sales data into simplified charts and graphs

✔️ High-end sales bots send automated reminders/notifications and minimize data entry


❌ Lack of in-built integration options compared to peers

❌ Analytics features are not available for basic plans


– Free trial plan is available for 14 days

– Productivity plan: $21 per user per month

– Automation plan: $36 per user per month

– Accelerate plan: $64 per user per month

Best known for

Whilst the automation features on Companyhub are immaculate, it is best known for its sales bots, that improve efficiency by automating mundane tasks such as creating task sequences, sending reminders to clients, alerting sales people to follow up on lagging deals and making sure business rules are being followed by sales staff.

Our Rating – 4.4/5


Salesflare is a Pipedrive alternative

Whilst focusing on small businesses selling B2B, Salesflare offers CRM solutions that aims to reduce manual data input. Along with CRM, Salesflare also offers contact management, automation and collaboration tools, along with custom training and data migration services.


✔️ Automated contact management features that gather customer information using AI powered search features and log calls automatically

✔️ Streamlined CRM overviews to monitor sales pipelines and track customer activities through notifications

✔️ Robust collaboration features that allow users to share customer information with their teams

✔️ Handy email, link and website tracking features


❌ Custom reporting is not available on the base plan

❌ Can not be implemented on-premise


– Growth plan: $35 per user per month

– Pro plan: $55 per user per month

– Enterprise plan: $99 per user per month (billed annually)

– Free trial plan is also available

Best known for

Salesflare is best known for its contact management features, which use automation to gather customer information from emails/social profiles and automatically logs every customer interaction.

Our Rating – 4.5/5


Monday is a Pipedrive alternative

Monday offers a visual platform that helps with tracking, planning and organizing team activities. Along with CRM tools, Monday also offers calendar features, task management tools and automation features that can be viewed with different layouts and themes


✔️ Intuitive and vibrant displays and layouts with 200+ ready-to-use templates

✔️ Unique scrum software, with roadmap and iteration planning features for product development

✔️ Industry-specific features available for software developers, construction planners, IT teams, HR teams and creative planning

✔️ Flexible drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to manage pre and post sales tasks in the sales pipeline


❌ Automation bugs are common

❌ Overloaded features and themes can make the learning curve steep for the software


– Free plan available for up to 5 users

– Basic plan: $10 per seat per month (minimum 3 seats required per plan)

– Standard plan: $12 per seat per month (minimum 3 seats required per plan)

– Pro plan: $20 per seat per month (minimum 3 seats required per plan)

– Enterprise plans: Customized pricing is available.

Best known for

Monday is best known for its task and project management features, which display data in kanban, calendar, timeline, gantt, map and form views with customizable and pre-defined templates to ensure data is arranged and presented in the context of the task that is to be performed.

Our Rating – 4.7/5


Vcita is a Pipedrive alternative

Vcita offers a sleek CRM platform to manage clients and appointments through its self-service client portal. Along with CRM, Vcita also offers scheduling, email marketing and online payment features to its users, along with handy automation features to eliminate the need to perform mundane tasks manually.


✔️ Unique online payment features that enable users to quote, invoice and bill clients.

✔️ Robust scheduling features with tools to send automated confirmations and meeting reminders

✔️ Customized contact forms enable users to funnel leads effectively

✔️ Versatile email and SMS marketing tools to add one-click CTAs (calls to actions), landing page links and personalized tags to bulk marketing messages and emails


❌ Browser errors are common when client portals are opened on Safari

❌ SSL protocols are not issues for custom domains


Pricing details given below are for 1 user. Pricing plans are customized for teams with multiple users

– Free trial plan is available

– Essentials plan: $ 29 per month

– Business plan: $ 59 per month

– Platinum plan: $ 99 per month

Best known for

Vcita is best known for its online payments tools, through which users can get access to 24/7 credit card processing, send automated payment reminders and links, connect billing details with calendar events and create unique, customizable invoices that can be sent easily with 1 click through sms’ and emails.

Our Rating – 4.5/5


Deskera is a Pipedrive alternative

Marketed toward small businesses and startups, Deskera offers cloud-based CRM and email marketing tools. Along with CRM, Deskera also offers invoicing, accounting, inventory and payroll features to combine multiple business tools into one software package.


✔️ Novel inventory management features such as dropshipping, automated tracking and backorder tools

✔️ Robust sales pipeline features with drag-and-drop views and access to real-time insights.

✔️ Versatile accounting and invoicing features that allow for centralized supplier and customer contact management, bank reconciliation tasks, automatic tax calculations and automated journal entries

✔️ Strong email marketing tools to enable users to create lists, segment customers and select/create templates.


❌ Lack of project or task management features compared to peers

❌ Lack of native integrations compared to peers


– Free trial plan is available

– Startup plan: $99 per user per month

– Essential plan: $199 per user per month

– Professional plan: $499 per user per month

– Customized pricing is available for enterprise plans based on features required

Best known for

Although Deskera has many great CRM features, it is primarily known for its accounting and payroll tools, especially its inventory management tools, that allow users to manage backorders, track bills/purchases, drop-ship and automate inventory tracking  through a single, streamlined dashboard

Our Rating – 4.3/5


Qontak is a Pipedrive alternative

Qontak offers omnichannel CRM and sales solutions for businesses looking to boost their customer service infrastructure. Qontak offers tools that help businesses optimize their customer support through chat and call center features, along with tools for customized ticketing systems and workflow dashboards.


✔️ Comprehensive customer support tools such as agent routing systems to connect with customers through multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, telephone and email

✔️ Strong automation features such as chatbots to optimize customer support

✔️ Robust CRM dashboard with drag-and-drop features that enable users to view granular details from all the activities taking place in sales pipelines

✔️ Handy business intelligence dashboard helps analyze sales targets and activity reports


❌ Lack of project and task management features compared to peers

❌  Lack of collaboration features compared to peers



– Free starter plan is available

– Business plan: $17 per user per month

– Professional plan: $34 per user per month

– Customized pricing is available for enterprise plans

For Omnichannel support

– Free starter plan available

– Starter plan: $52 per month for up to 1000 visitors and 5 agents

– Pro plan: $104 per month for up to 3000 visitors and 10 agents

– Customized pricing is available for enterprise plans

Best known for

Qontak is best known for its omnichannel customer support tools, which enable users to set up automated ticketing help desks and agent routing systems to ensure customer support is optimized and standard operating procedures are adhered to.

Our Rating – 4.3/5


With a strong focus on mobile CRM, Toolyt offers many handy features to enable users to connect efficiently with customers and partners. Along with CRM tools, Toolyt also offers lead management, communication and collaboration tools on a sleek lightweight platform.


✔️ Handy automation tools to manage customer visits and expedite onboarding with pre-loaded custom form elements

✔️ Versatile lead management features to optimize lead capturing and distribution based on geo-intelligence or round-robin scheduling

✔️ Unique collaboration tools with features such as gamification and custom KPIs (key performance indicators) that incentivize team members to achieve targets and goals

✔️ Strong communication tools with video calling, voice calling , messaging, live streaming and recording features packed into one centralized platform.


❌ In-built integrations are limited compared to peers

❌ Sales pipeline management features are very basic compared to peers


– Free trial is available

– Grow plan: $10 per user per month

– Scale plan: $25 per user per month

– Customized pricing is available for enterprise plans

Best known for

Toolyt is best known for its collaboration tools, especially its gamification features with which users can add credits and badges to custom KPIs, along with custom alerts and automated reminders to motivate team members to sell more.

Our Rating – 4.4/5


OnePageCRM is a Pipedrive alternative

OnePageCRM aims to provide a visually driven CRM platform for businesses looking to declutter their sales pipeline. Along with CRM tools, OnePageCRM also offers collaboration, automation and lead management tools that can be accessed on its Next Action platform.


✔️ Versatile lead generation features that store detailed views and contact details in streamlined, scrollable pages

✔️ Handy drag-and-drop pipeline management features with Kanban and forecasting views find out how deals are progressing

✔️ Robust mobile app with call/email logging features and in-built integrated maps to make every client interaction smooth and efficient.

✔️ Convenient collaboration tools to assign contacts and keep team members in the loop when it comes to pending deals


❌ Monthly payment options are not available for enterprise plans

❌ Only available in English


– Free trial is available

– Professional plan: $15 per user per month

– Business plan: $29 per user per month

– Enterprise plans: For flexible teams with custom pricing

Best known for

OnePageCRM is best known for its lead generation features, like its Chrome Clipper, which sources leads from multiple channels and populates contacts with social data in just a few clicks.

Our Rating – 4.3/5

Bulbul CRM

Created by the Jungleworks group, Bulbul provides industry-specific CRM solutions through its mobile app and desktop platform. Along with CRM features, Bulbul also offers email and lead tracking, client management and collaboration tools, along with easy access to other products and services in the Jungleworks suite.


✔️ Handy collaboration features with calendar links to set reminders and assign deals to team members

✔️ Multi-channel lead capturing and tracking with detailed reports on lead conversion data

✔️ Seamless compatibility with other Jungleworks products and SaaS solutions

✔️ Convenient email tracking and follow-up features with multiple email templates


❌ Lack of workflow automation features compared to peers

❌ Lack of customization options compared to peers


– Free trial is available

– One single pricing plan is available at $10 per user per month

Best known for

Bulbul is best known for its email management features, which can be used to schedule and track emails using handy chrome extensions and a sleek dashboard that gives real-time data on open, read, replied and click-through rates.

Our Rating – 4.3/5


Axonaut is a Pipedrive alternative

Made for small businesses, Axonaut provides simplified CRM solutions that replace complex ERP software packages. Along with CRM, Axonaut also offers many admin features, such as HR, Invoicing and expense management tools, along with project management and email marketing tools.


✔️ Handy CRM tools with calendar integrations and time tracking features to manage sales cycles

✔️ Strong financial management and invoicing features with digitized invoicing, reconciliation and deposit management features

✔️ Unique HR and admin tools to track employee activities and plan vacation days

✔️ Robust project management features with time tracking and budgeting tools


❌ Lack of communication features compared to peers

❌ Lack of collaboration features compared to peers


Following is the pricing for 1 user and can go up to 50 users;

– Single plan: $49.99 monthly or $39.99 annually or $34.99 for 2 years

Best known for

Axonaut is best known for its accounting and financial management features, which can be used to automate accounting tasks, generate accurate reconciliation reports, digitize invoices and expense receipts and track inventory /stock value.

Our Rating – 4.2/5


noCRM is a Pipedrive alternative

Whilst the name may be confusing, noCRM actually provides CRM software solutions that are different from any other CRM provider on the market. Whilst most CRM software solutions focus on data collection and management, noCRM offers action-based tools that are targeted toward sales and marketing professionals. noCRM also offers lead capturing, prospecting, collaboration and reporting tools through its desktop and mobile app.


✔️ Strong action-based sales tools with built-in lead capturing, customizable sales funnels and calendar synchronization features

✔️ Unique sales script generator tools to create customized checklists with essential questions for potential prospects

✔️ Handy post-sales features to ensure effective handover of various tasks to different team members

✔️ Versatile mobile app which seamlessly synchronizes with the noCRM desktop app


❌ Lack of in-built automation features compared to peers

❌ Emphasis on sales tools leads to admin features that are not well-developed


– Free trial is available

– Starter Kit (3 users max): $12 per user per month

– Sales Experts plan: $20 per user per month

– Dream team plan: $32 per user per month

Best known for

noCRM is best known for its action-based tools that are focussed on boosting sales, such as advanced sales capturing features, sales script generators, built-in prospecting features and post-sales handover features. Indeed, noCRM is a product that is sharply focused on helping sales professionals convert leads and prospects into

Our Rating – 4.3/5


Teamgate offers CRM features for users at every stage of the experience spectrum, from beginners to highly-experienced professionals. Along with CRM tools, Teamgate also offers communication and time management tools to cater to businesses of all sizes.


✔️ Strong lead capturing features to automatically transfer email requests, missed calls and other online information to CRM teams after scoring and filtering them based on user-defined criteria

✔️ Versatile sales pipeline management features, with drag-and-drop editor views, that allow users to forecast deal closing dates, create multiple sales pipelines and identify bottlenecks
✔️ Robust contact management features with smart-dialler tools to segment and filter customers based on location and activity levels

✔️ Smart calendar and time management tools that sync events and meetings into contact info of clients


❌ Lack of project management features compared to peers

❌ Mobile and desktop apps use a lot of space and bandwidth


– Free trial is available

– Starter plan: $11 per user per month

– Professional plan: $32 per user per month

– Enterprise plan: $79 per user per month

Best known for

Teamgate is best known for its lead management features, with advanced tools like Linkedin Shuttle that use automation to capture, qualify and prioritize potential prospects in order to effectively convert them into paying customers.

Our Rating – 4.4/5

The best Pipedrive alternative

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